Thursday, May 27, 2010

Plane Crash!

Hello and Howdy

Need to catch up fast! Don't really have much time now. Tonight, I'm going to KL to fetch my sister. By the way, if you guys are following me from the beginning, you might know that I'm very passionate about Aviation. Recently, I saw a program on Discovery channel. Forgot what's the name of that program. This program shows the viewer about the aviation now and future. I'm quite shock when they said about the price about the price of a personal plane. It is expensive. But not as expensive as I tough. If I really save my money for the next 10-20 years, I can have one of that too. Haha. Never mind. It's a very long way to go. But that's my fream. To have my own personal plane. What kind? I'll decide later.

Second of all, have you heard about the emergency landing made by cadet pilot in Terengganu's sea side. Scary. I wonder how they managed not to make any severe damage to the aircraft since they were landing on the sand. Have you walk on the sand before? Notice the effect of the sand swallowing you feet? That happened on an average 50kg man. What about the weight of an airplane? We all know that when it is travelling at high speed, it will not be swallowed by the sand. Same with water. This principle also can be seen on the surfboard . When the surfboard reaches the 'stall' speed, it will sunk. But will the airplane tire sunk in to the sand? I mean not completely. By mostly. This can cause the plane to tilt forward making it possible to be in an up-side-down position. These pilot must be very good pilot. I salute for them. Congratulation captain. I really hope that it wont be happening to me sooner or later.

Anyway, I want to recommend you to go and check out this cool guy channel. His name is Joe Penna and his YouTube channel is MysteryGuitarMan. He's a Mexican which stays at US for living. He's very good at making videos. Most of us called him the master of motion graphic. The latest video he made was for the TV commercial. It is for McD. I'm pretty sure he got a lot of money from that. Go and subscribe to him.

Must see, must do and must have list for 2010. This list is gonna be long. I'll try to make it short, I got to focus on my study anyway.

Must see list: 1) Air Show
2) Tech Conference/Forum
3) Creative Mind Gathering

Must do list: 1) Start my online business
2) Be fine at college
3) Gain some weight, haha. I'm too thin.

Must have list: 1) Awesome laptop
2) Canon DSLR

As I told you before in the previous post, I'm a know-nothing guy in fashion but I still like the casual style. It really fits me.

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