Thursday, May 27, 2010

i'M Not Here For Your Entertainment

Part 1: TeeVee
I am total TV addict. Be it HBO, National Geography, Nickelodeon, Star World, CNN and dare I say RTM 1. I love TV. Sadly due to syndication issues, and maybe lack of interest, a lot of my favourite shows are not shown in Malaysia. So I have to resort to the God of TV. Piratebay and BitComet. Not only can I find shows not shown in Malaysia, I can download episodes of shows within hours of their broadcast. How awesome is that!. Currently this is what I'm watching right now.

1)GLEE!!! Best show ever! Awesome music, Awesome storyline, Awesome characters and Quinn is so HOT!!!!Normally I download the episodes as they come out and then watch them again on Astro. I admit it I'm a Gleek! Its like a High School Musical reality check

2) Doctor Who! This is a personal favourite. Its one of the longest running sci-fi shows on TV. Seriously, my dad used to watch this show when he was young. The script is witty and funny once you get pass the British accent. The storyline is brilliant! This used to air on BBC Entertainment in 2005 but it got dropped after only 2 seasons so I download this show as well. If you want to find out some more check out it this video.

3) Big Bang Theory. Who knew a comedy about theoretical physicists could be so entertaining. And my dad said there was no way you could support a family as a physicist.

4) Leverage. Finally a show I can actually watch in Malaysia eventhough we're a full season behind. Its like Mission Impossible with more believable tech and wittier scripts.

Part 2: Music and Fashion
Nothing much to say here. I wear what is in my closet and don't put too much fuss into it. As for music my main source of ideas is my dad's CD collection. He's got tonnes of them. I mean we're seriously running out space to keep them. He's into some really classic stuff. I'm not just talking about The Beatles and The BeeGees but stuff like Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, Warren Zevon, Pachelbel, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Tchaikovsky etc. But I also reciprocate that. Now he likes  Coldplay and OneRepublic.

Part 2.1: Where does all that music come from?
Normally I rip whatever CD's my dad has which are nice. Alternatively, I love to browse around Rock Corner to look for new stuff. Not 'new' as in just released but as in unheard of. You know, well you probably don't know, world music stuff like Prem Joshua, Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar and even local artistes like Akasha. Certain stuff I download. Mainly stuff I just want to listen to and not spend money on in cause it turns out like crap.

Part 3: Books
I love reading!!! Books are my passion. Ever since I was little I've been surrounded by bookworms. My whole family loves to read. I love reading books that challenge the mind and change the way you look at things. I also like a lot of factual stuff and stuff that weaves fact and fiction. The 3 most recent books I've read are.

1) The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
The first thing that intrigued me about this book is the Masonic Compass and Square on the front. Freemasonry has always been something that piqued my interest. So naturally I had to pick up this book. The book itself is a terrific read. Blisteringly fast and suspenseful. I like how Dan Brown blurs the borders of reality. Because a lot of the basis of the story really exists so the story does seem fairly plausible.

 2) Yasmin Ahmad's Films by Amir Muhammad
The book is a really good companions guide to the movies. Its nice to read the book and remember all the symbolism I picked out when watching the movie first. It really exhibits the movie making process and cinematic genius that is Yasmin Ahmad

3) Twitterature
This is the epitome of nerd humour. The book itself is really funny. Especially the way it turns very poignant lines in humour by twitterfying it.
           "2bornt2b? How does 1 tweet the existence of life"

Part 4: Bed, Bath and Beyond
Most of this stuff I find while browsing the net. Rummaging through bookstores and the sort. Of course once I get hooked there's always wikipedia to help fill me in on what's going on. And if its a TV show or movie, IMDB is the way go. I especially love the trivia segment. It's so hilarious the hidden meaning of things.

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