Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a War Up There!

Hello and Howdy

I'm catching up! Yeah! Using my V12 Turbo Charged engine. Haha. Nah... I don't have that thing in my house. I don't think Malaysia have that kind of car. Anyway, what I mean by I'm catching up is that today is suppose to be the post for Day 8 but I'm only doing post at Day 7. My engine is a bit slow. It's 10.30 pm now. Pretty early for me. I'm used to sleep at 3.00 am. Yesterday night at the same time as today, I was outside of my house. Watching the beautiful night scenery, Gunung Jerai. You can see the peak of Gunung Jerai just by standing in front of my house. But I noticed something different yesterday night. There are something glowing on th north side of the mountain. I told my mu about that. She said that military is doing some kind of practice there according to Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI). Cool! I waited and hoping it's gonna have some explosion happening but no. Not at all. But there's tons of helicopters and planes flying around at low altitude. Cool! I can't recognize is it a fighter jet or what but surely I'm telling you, many blinking light of aircraft and hellos. Flying around. But during the day light, nothing. Just a few hellos just like usual and an AirAsia flew very low. I guess it was 2000 feet. I love airplanes.

Enough about that for now. Let's head straight for today's topic. Entertainment. TV, games, movies, music, internet, magazine, karaoke, and fashion. These are the little and big branches in entertainment industry. It's really big and lots of potential. People also investing a lot of money in this industry and their reward is tremendously huge. But, recently, something quite disturbing is happening for those guys who's in the television industry. With all the technology around us, the higher internet speed and the evolution of the world wide web might wipe off the tv industry. Users are more into internet compare to tv. It is because the way of user can interactively with the internet is just better than TV. On internet, viewers can watch what ever they want anytime anywhere as long as you have internet connection. They don't have to rearrange their daily schedule just to watch a show on internet. Just like the concept of Google TV. I really hope that Google TV will be in Malaysia.

Now, my favorite tv show are Mythbuster (Discovery channel), Tp Gear (YouTube), LinusTech (TouTube), House (AXN), Leverage (AXN). I guess that's all. Mostly, I can watch it online. Even Mythbuster. But not House and Leverage. On, I like to watch the Chris Pirillo Tech show. NASA tv is also on UStream!

Like musics and fashion? Oh yeah. I like music. But fashion, not so much. I'm just a casual styled guy. Don't know much about fashion. I got to know the new trends in music from radio and Youtube. Sometimes, I go to Last FM too. Nice place for discovering music. Fashion update, just using my eye. Observing people around me. Haha

Singers and band. I have to go with Maroon 5, Michael Bubble and Norah Jones. These are my all time favorites. Why Maroon 5? Major reason, the voice of Adam Levine is so unique. Hard to find singer with such unique voice. I like it. And James Velentine, the awesome guitarist. He played guitar for Norah Jones once. My Favorites songs from them is Makes Me Wonder, Sunday Morning and She Will Be Love. Second of all, Michael Bubble. He's also a fan of Maroon 5. He even sang a Maroon 5's song at his concert. Amazing. He's a phenomenal Jazz singer. My favorites songs from him is Sway and Haven't Met You Yet. And the last of all, Norah Jones. Like her songs and her voice. Slow jazzy style, so exclusive. She's my mum's favorite too. Mostly I just download songs from internet. But for the singer the I like much, I bought the original CD.

Book? Yeah. I like it so much. Last three books that I read was The Secret, Journey To Space and Being an Aviator.

Where you ind these updates? Mainly internet. Always my main source for everything.

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  1. Gunung Jerai? Where do u live? Yan or Sg Petani?