Thursday, May 27, 2010

The future of pos malaysia = 1Facebook

Being a student in school means most  of friends and I don't have that much cash. So what do we do to communicate? Facebook of course! (Parents pay for internet mah!) Now if we are such a dire emergency that the very continuity of mankind hung on that answer then maybe...just maybe....we'd sms or even call. Now the only problem with Facebook is that the person has to be online so its kinda useless if you're trying to ask your friend where he is in 1Utama. In fact its kinda hard to ask your friend where he is in 1Utama period! Personally the only form of social networking i use is Facebook. Mainly because 1) All my friends are on it and 2) There is no limit unlike Twitter. And the best thing about Facebook are all the pages, groups, and events. Its amazing the amount of stuff you find out on Facebook. Like the tonnes events that you would have never heard if your friend on Facebook's friend's sister whose hosting the event didn't invite you.

Facebook. Life enhancer.
Facebook is by far my most visited website. And it has definitely made my life better. And of course Facebook has expanded bloated my social circle. Thankfully I'm not the kinda guy who randomly adds anyone on Facebook. At least 98% of my Facebook friends I've met in real life. Which is also why I only have 362 friends. That's very small compared to some of my friends. However, I always prefer to meet people for the first time in real life. At least that way you know they're not some kind of stalker/pedophile/alien.

 Personally I've never really seen the point of twitter. (Any tweety birds care to explain). How is it possible to express how you feel in 140 characters. The only benefit I see is that it'll help you in your BM Rumusan and English Summary but that is all.
 This is the future of social networking. An amalgamation of the three most popular social networks on the planet. Imagine watching a youtube video while a ticker updates you with your latest tweets and wall posts.

PS Anyone heading to Youth '10 this weekend

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