Sunday, May 23, 2010


The first F, FAMILY...
Everyone in this world has family. So do I. I have a couple of loving parents. My parents work as clerk. I have 5 siblings. Among them, I'm the eldest.
LOL... This could be an example of essay of student in Year One if he given the topic ‘Family’.
Btw, points in the essay are all about me. That's all I want to share to you about my family.

Let’s move to another F, FRIENDS...
For teens, I'm sure all of us spending almost the time with our friends. With friends, it's easier for us to share anything. However, you better watch out for what you want to be shared. Not all of our friends are good totally. To put trust on your friend isn't easy as you put key into lock. It's actually takes time. Maybe some friends have their own agenda for why they want close with you. Better you think of what was I say just now. It may not happen yet to you, but I experienced it.

Pictures of me with friends:
 - faces of my friends > The 22nd Batch of SEMESTI -

 - friends of school's magazine editorial board -
 - time 4 cheers!!! -

- my form 3 class members -

 - ignore the messy on bed.. LOL -

 - life at hostel~~ -

- hari raya convoi -

Third F, FAIQ...

Do you know what FAIQ is? That's my name lah... hahaha... For me, I'm not judging someone by its race or its wealth. I don't provide any characteristic to be my friends. As long (s)he good to me, I'll good to (s)he too... Between friends, we should keep our good relationship. Among my friends, they mostly preferred blogging, facebooking and hang out together...

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