Sunday, May 23, 2010

Faaaamiilllyyy and Them friends ;)!

My family... hmm, how do I describe them? I got it!

Let’s start with my Momma.


(She’s pretty and HOT!)

My mum is AWESOME she brings me everywhere. xD She’s really smart, caring, annoying, Motherly, witty, fast (she’s an ex-athlete), Most importantly she knows how to manage her time well. (I’m learningJ) People always think that we sisters (I hate it when they do that) Anyways, I guess it’s a compliment to her cuz that mean she looks ssssooooooooooooooooooo much younger than her real age. Good for her! My mum works very, very hard to make sure we have a roof over our head, food on the table and enough money to pay for our tuition fees =) She is a Stockbroker for KAF, an Executive Director For Malaysian Vaccine and Pharmaceuticals and a Manager for AP Hanida. See what I mean by she works really really hard? And I love her so so so so much!! Hahaha. Mum, if you’re reading this HI!!!! And You is SUPERMUM! Can you pick me up from tuition tomorrow? =D


(Me and my beloved sisters: From right, Me, Hannah and Nayli)

“Mum!! Kak Nini tak nak bangun tidur!”, “MUM!! Nayli spilled her rice on the ‘Bilik TV carpet AGAIN!”, “MUM!! Hannah nak mum!!” These are a few sentences that are very overly used our household between us and our mum-who pretends not to hear. xD

We’re just three. Just the three of us. All girls.. so, here we go. =.=


This is Nayli Hanida Ishan. She’s 8 years old. She’s FRIGGIN’ TTAAAAAAAAALL for her age. (141cm) Out of the three of us, She looks the most Chinese... (I look more arab XD) So, she goes to Chinese School. Teeheehee. She goes to SJKC Kuen Cheng 2. Her mandarin is Awwweeeessum! She’s kind of the joker. =) btw, yea.. her hair.. no matter what we do.. IT’S CURLY! She rebounded her hair last year.. IT RECURLED! =.= its really annoying haha. Oh, and she likes PINK!


Now, this is Hannah Hanida Ishan. She’s gonna be 3 soon (2nd of june). She likes pwincesses, cats, chocolate milk, PINK, makeup, taking photos and her ‘daddy’. She’s the baby and the boss. Whatever she says goes. Nuff said. XD

Whatever happens I’m glad that god gave me a weird family. We’re just so Diverse from each other. Especially me. And and we’re just random. xD So thats it. The four Musketeers! (who says we need a man in our life!) haha joking joking.


See that bald guy who claims he’ll have hair in 2020? Yeah that’s me’s future Stepfather! Thariq Bin Husni. =) He loves my mum, my sisters, me, Golf and Riding his Ducati Monster. <3 He’s a great guy.. really. but I think he should give up on the thought of having hair on his head xD


I almost forgot the most important member of our family!! This is Brownies a.k.a BB. She looovvveeess sleep, ME, Cleaning herself, sleep, food, my mum and my sisters. Just look at her eyes, aren’t they deadly? =P

Now let me introduce you to the people who make my life worth living Full of surprises =)


Angela Leeeeeeee! =D Mahirah Aqilah A.K.A QIQI!


Danial Akmal a.ka Dano Yasmin, Ariff, Shamira &Qiqi


Nicole and I.


Nicole Queennie, Ivy and Sara Neeti, Hiew Kwan, Clare, Cheryl

(Slumber Party in Physics class)


Elysia,Esther, Previtha, Venodhah and Laura =)


Ali Moghavvemi xD

From Kris Allen’s biggest hypocritical fan to one of Pj’s most perasanted boys. They’re my friends and I love ‘em all!!

I don’t have a particular best friend. But my good friends are Angela, Qiqi and Dano.

Me, Angela and Ali usually hang out every Saturday in karate so.. we’re kind of rough. Hahaha. Ali doesn’t hit girls so, We enjoy sparring with him xD

Oh I forgot to tell you the school. =P sorry i’ll do it now. Me and Angela are from SMK Assunta. While Ali is from SMK(L) Bukit Bintang. We go to his school for karate cause the training there is tougher.

Qiqi and Dano. They’re the source of my Awesomeness! Qiqi is the eldest so, we call her Kak Long. I’m the youngest and that makes Dano the middle. Hahaha. He says that the middle child gets all the fun! The three of us usually hang out, watch movies and study together. =)

When I meet new people, I describe myself as Outgoing, Tree lover and Sporty. I LOVE SPORTS!! And all of my friends know that. :D


Standing out kind of matters among my friends and I. We don’t want to be normal xD But it doesn’t really bother us. Which means, it’s not very important. ;)

Religion NEVER affects my choice of friends. I come from a very mixed background and well... I’m a Malaysian.

Malaysia is full of different races and religion. Who cares if you’re a Muslim and your best friend is a Christian/Hindu/Buddha/etc etc! We’re all humans here. J

The three most popular groups/looks amongst my friends are

1. Shutterbug! (I am NOT this!)

2. K-pop fanatic (Neither am I this!)

3. Emo (I am this :P)

But whatever they are/we are.. we love our bread, we love your butter but most of all we loooovveee each other =) Extracted from Madeline.

That’s all for this post folks. See you in the next one ;)

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