Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family First, then friends.

If I had to choose between family and friends, family would come first.

This is my retarded family. Note: In this blogger's view, a retarded family is a normal one. Welcome to mine.

This is Dad. An undeniable collaterate, he will throw a fit if things don't go his way, and is scrupulous in all that he does. Everything MUST be perfect, no less. Despite his no-nonsense attitude, he can be really fun at times, and loves to spoil his children. Like recently. He told me my prom dress looked cheap. Well, it was, but it doesn't have to LOOK cheap. I don't believe in splurging for fashion. So after trying it on yesterday I told him, 'Dad, you were right. Can I get another dress? Pleaseeee?' And we went to Sungei Wang on the very same day, and bought a mighty fine dress (if I may say so myself). It was within my budget, RM 169, but my dad gave me RM 200 at the end of the day. 

I am so spoilt that way.

This is Mom. Forgive her, I made her do that pose on the right, but for some reason, I love this picture. I tagged along on my mom's company trip to Dubai, and this was our desert safari. She is the opposite of Dad. She loves to save money, make juices, exercise, nag, and be successful. More easy going than Dad, but beware, beneath this smiling exterior lies a dragoness in waiting. Oh, and she can't sing for nuts, and her bum is the wrong shape. It's all your fault, mom! psst, my mom is as vain as I am, so I'll just put 2 photos of her up to appease her.

I do so love you mommeh ;)

And this retard here is my brother, Andy, 2 years my junior at 17 Earth cycles. I got him a toy sheep for Christmas last year. It is absolutely retarded because it's so obese, you need a new word for over-obeseness. Like overbese, or something. Well, he saw it at Lovely Lace and mooned over it. It's still on his bed. 

And here is Andrew, 9 years-old this year. Don't be fooled by his cuteness, he can have a temper. Loves to watch Nickelodeon, play with his arsenal of Bionicle toys, and explaining the structure of them to me. He's still trying, bless that child. A terror to teach BM to, his timestables are also dubious. The greatest moments we share are when we are playing Mario online, he does the control letters, and I move Mario on the arrow keys.

We three siblings are great players of Monopoly Deal.


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