Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rush Rush BRANDS post ^_^

  • Is branded products important to you? What does brand represent to you?


Anything else??? >.<

  • Are there any brands that you think stand up for something (an attitude/cause or point of view) that you agree with? Tell us more. What brands do who think are the best at communicating with youth? What do they do that gets your approval?
 I will think that is SONY ..
Especially their phone.. 
It was trendy, stylish and yet fulfill wat the youth wan..
The colours and the sound system of the phone is one of the main attraction of the youth to purchase the phone = )

  •  List down your favourite brands and tell us why do you like them

I LOVE TO wear this brands ..
Do I need to explain more? x P

  • Can you upload two advertisements (picture or video) that you like and tell is why you like it.

Why I like it??
Do I still need to say??
The ads is act by BIG BANG!! x D
AS long is BB stuff, I LIKE IT !!

  • Are there any brands or products that you would be embarrassed of using or being associated with? 
Do u know in Japan, there are mens bra selling in that country.. 
yet the bra is topselling in the country..
For  me, I cant see a point for a man to wear a bra.. 
I will feel embarrassed to wears the bra and walk around the street @.@

  • Does religion influence your choice of brands? If ‘yes’ explain your answer.
Perhaps I can say YES, because I think I will seldom go for local/malay product..
I also dunno why I would have a perception that local/malay product is kinda low quality = (

  • What/where do you find new information about products that you like?
Usually from brochure, internet, roadshow or heard from the public : )


  1. may i point out that local/malay does not have anything to do with religion? anyway, i like your post. bra for men? euww... hahaha

  2. hehe, maybe I misunderstand something there..
    anyway, thx for letting me know = )
    bra for men, new rite?? xD