Saturday, May 29, 2010

8th Post.

Lately, I not really have time to blog..
Today I might blog 3 post in a shot..
So it will be super simple 
sorry yea xD

Lately, I saw some funny video in the Facebook = )
I believe everyone should have view the video..
in case you are not, 
below is the video 

Beside that, there is another vid in facebook..

The both video was very funny,
especially the 2nd video is a Indian host talking about sex style of different races xD
For the first video, really wan to know wat do u think about the video xD *hehe*

In 2010, 
 Must SEE !!
  1. The GOOD RESULTS of my hardworks = )
  2. The different parts of myself ..
  1. Improve every aspects of myself especially in education.
  2. To be a better person
  3. Be a responsible and reliable person.
Must HAVE !!
  1. A lot Of MONEY
  2. A lot of GOOD MEMORY
  3. A lot of GOOD FRIENDS
  4.  A laptop/netbook
  6. People to LuV me...
  7. People to PROTECT ME!
  8. People to CARE about me..
Am I kinda to GREEDY to list so many? = /

Currenly I am into smart-casual and punky wear x D
Personally , I think that I have few character inside me..
ans some character I can bring it by wearing some clothes..
When I want to look like a good boy or a little angel i will wear smart casual wear ~
It appears to make me look more neat, clean, tidy , smart yet casual hehe XD
Whereas, the punky wear will unleash my wild side hehe xD
okay okay.. i now is kinda funny to talk about myself here..
I will go on with other questions now = )

without the computer..
I cant do my studies..
I cant listen to my korean music..
I cant see movie...
I cant go to FB!!
I just need to ONLINE!!

My mobile phone!
without it...
I cant contact with other friends..
People cant contact me..
I cant take picture!!
I cant listen my music in the lrt ..

These 2 gadgets is the most important gadgets that I cant live without it everyday = (

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