Sunday, May 23, 2010


What communication medium
do you and your friends use the most
to communicate through?
what are the pros and cons of each?

facebook and handphone are very useful ok.
kalau nak contact dengan kawan.
kalau nak borak prefer YM lah.
or penuhkan facebook's wall masing2.haha.
i think facebook.YM and phone connected lah.
example ok.
aku plan nak buat futsal.
so ak upload gambar futsal.and tag semua my friends.
techincally the futsal is planned in facebook.
then.buzzing others YM.
"eh.ko pge ke esok?"
"wei start esok pukul berapa doh?"
then bila dah tiba masa untuk berfutsal.
phone bunyik.
"ko dah sampai ke doh?aku lambat sket,jalan jem ar."
yarhh.connected right.

so semua medium ni ade pros and cons.
since macam semua orang in this planet ada
facebook account.
so just planned in facebook.
and confirmation and borak2 in YM.
when dua medium tu tak guna.
so kat situlah phone takes place.
keburukan facebook and YM is.
aplikasi ini tidak protable.
even phone kalau ada WiFi pon.
sangat leceh ok nak online.
kalau phone.
topaptopapand topap!durhhhh.
kalau pakai line.lambat sket bayar.barred!durhhh.
tapi phone is portable and easy going.

Is social networking like facebook or twitter
making your life
better ot worse?

aku tak tahu making my life better or not.
but facebook is very very useful.
since da tak guna sangat phone.
so macam kalau start je online
terus bukak facebook.
siap keep me logged in.
and dah bookmark.
life better sebab.
keep connecting dengan all my friends.
dapat buat group pelik2.:)
and dapat protes something using facebook.
make worse kalau.
one day tiba laptop rosak.
i'm doomed.

List the number of
online social networking sites
that u have?
what activities do you usually do on
this sites.

i have three.
facebook-extremely active
myspace-not so lah
first sekali buat is friendster.
sebab macam nak try.
ramai kawan ade.
so tibe myspace muncul.
macam2 cool featured ade.
so buatlah profile myspace.
ramai dah kawan.
OMG.facebook is far more easy and cool.
i was one of the earliest among my friends yang masuk facebook taw.
sebab ada lagi kawan yang contact guna myspace.
so keep log in lagi.
facebook sangat best oh.
i like to like friend's picture
i like bahan orang on facebook.
cool boleh tag2 nama.
i can predict something on facebook.
i can like cool groups.
banyak gila taw.
tapi aku tak main game on facebook.

How many friends do you have on
your online social networking sites?
how many are your 'close friends'?
how many of them have you not meet before?

friends on friendster-tak ingatlah. -__-'
friends on myspace-800+-
friends on facebook-1000+-
most of them are my close friends.
schoolmate.collegemate.and kawan kenal kat luar.
*tak taw nak panggil ape act.hehe
i think if on facebook.
my close friends is about 100+-.
people that i know are around 700+-
and the rest who have mutual friends.hehe.
detail about myspace tak ingatlah.sorry.
friendster takyah ceritalah.hehe.
i think friends yang tak pernah jumpa are yang ade mutual friends kot.
sebab kebanyakan aku x add.aku approve jek.

Do you prefer to meet people
for the first time
online or face-to-face?

i like this question man.
for me.
i prefer meet face-to-face.
and then merapatkan silaturrahim through online.hehe.
but aku ni pemalu kot.haha.tipu.
to be gentleman i prefer face-to-face.
i also like to see people that i know from online face-to-face.

Last but not least.
i dont have twitter sorry.

and do add me on facebook.
Zaki Arif.
or visit my blog

i leave u with this.


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