Saturday, May 22, 2010

The world on the tip of your finger

~Commitments and Habits~
Given time and conditions, if I'm at home during the school holiday, I'll get online as long as I'm awake, yeah~ haha~ But during my study period in PASUM, there were less times to get online because I did a lot of outings during weekends and if there was no outings, I would loaf around in my friend's room. But surely I do some online stuff while loafing, but excluding weekend, there were times during week days when I didn't even get online for the whole day, well foundation studies are well known for their busy like a bee and so did I... I usually download the weekly anime such as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fairy Tale, and socialize via facebook. Honestly, my first time using facebook was in PASUM and it was because of the fun things that I saw my friends had during their day with facebook and how they connected with their old school friends so easily. So I gave a shot since facebook is simpler than any other social website that I've tried before like friendsters and myspace.

~Nickname aka Alias~

Yeah of course I do for my own security and for the sake of online culture~ haha~ Well, I believe using alias is a good choice for internet users to avoid being fraud victim easily and they are able to hide their identity for their private concerns.... I'm using it because I think it is cool since I always hope to get names like in movies and only in internet world I'm able to realise my little dream~ hahaha~

~Online Good and Trustworthy Friends~

Honestly, I don't easily trust people that I know via internet for security purpose, but I do trust some of my friends which I happened to know them via internet only where I actually had the chance to know them in real world. My example is my PASUM friends. PASUM students for the intake of 2009/2010 were the largest intake ever in the history of PASUM and therefore, theoretically, the probability of a person to never meet and talk with the other was there... Still,there are people who had caught their glimpse and via facebook, they were able to know well that person... I have made several good friends via facebook instead of real-life in PASUM since there wasn't that many chance to encounter them in PASUM but in facebook, 24/7~Huhu ~ So,I put more trust in these kind of friends instead of those friends that I only got to know via internet bluntly...

~Parents Monitoring~

Initially,yes they did. But the overwhelm of technology-blind put them in a misery not to monitor too much since they won't even know what I'm doing behind them,haha~ So to the second question, definitely it isn't effective~! There's not even a need for me to know ways around the controls to begin with~ Well,my parents don't really like me going online all the time since all I did were entertaining myself via online game,downloading anime,etc. So they got an impression that if I go online, I'll be wasting my time and this'll affect my study. This caused me to not be able to bring any notebook during my foundation year and it was boring like hell in the beginning since I didn't do much outing in the early of my foundation year. Still, I do think that that was a good decision of theirs indeed since I concentrated more on my study because of the absence of a computer... >.<"

~Disconnection Wonder~

Not at all! Well, as for the friends that I didn't want to contact, it doesn't matter if the online world caused us to become more disconnected or not since either way the same outcome is going to happen.... But as for the friends that I cherished and missed so much, online world has made it so easy for us to stay in touch with each other and act as if we're not actually seperated.. My friend, Amir Aiman (aka Udon, japanese noodle haha~) did say to me that:
Physically we're seperated,but virtually, we're not...

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