Saturday, May 22, 2010

branding the plain.

Branding the Plain Tee...with qualities.

Offer a man a Bentley and a Perdana V6. Offer it for free. Which would he choose? Which would you choose?
The BENTLEY, of course. Naturally, for a normal person.... one will definitely choose things that are better in quality, in appearance, and of course pricey [ if only they get it for free ] That`s how branding is important to me. QUALITYAPPEARANCE . That what matters to me.


The brand i love, that 'do what it says' is the Body Shop. For those who dont know what the shell is The Body Shop, its a beauty product brand, based on natural ingredients from the product to the packaging and even the shopping bag.  Wonderful rite? This is one of my favourite brand. SUPPORT GREEN ! Ever notice when u buy something from this shop the cashier nanti cakap " Bawak shoping bag tak? " or " there`s __% off if u use ur own bag..". Everyone is going GREEN now... SO AM I  ~ ^_^


My 2 most favourite brands ~ 

  • Stylish, sleek design
  • High quality
  • I just love it ~

  • I love the products esp. Milo ~ hehe
  • We used it since my mom was a teenage, its a must.
  • Affordable, quality, healthy food.
  • I just LOVE it ~ 



This ad is targeted for women, by a woman model. I like this idea because it uses a realistic, everyday woman model to express a sense of strength to everyday women. It appears that the woman is of some sort of darker skinned race/ethnicity. I like this ad because it promotes healthy bodies and it is very "in your face." At the end it says, "My butt is big, and that's just fine, and those who might scorn it, are invited to kiss it. Just do it." It has humor to it, but it also is very empowering to women at the same time. The first line of the poem is "My butt is big." This is humurous but to women it's more than just something funny. In today's society, it is sometimes hard for women to admit or think that their butt is big. It is empowering that a woman can proudly say that.


for the national squad, still we have a long way to go to retain our status as one of the most feared team in the southeast'on..! Malaysia Boleh..!

haha..stylo abes...tapi maen pon kene r gempak...setakat advert je gempak baek xyah..anyway, 
Malaysia Bolehh..!


Are there any brands or products that you would be embarrassed of using or being associated with?
Does religion influence your choice of brands? 
What/where do you find new information about products that you like?

Cap AYAM. No, not really.
In certain product, YES, such as food.
Internet, magazine.


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