Saturday, May 22, 2010

Careless Little Hamster’s Work & Money

How important is money to you? Tell us what you think about money.

Funny. I just wrote an essay about money for my school English exam.

Money is important. I used to think money can never replace love and happiness, but I didn’t act what I thought. Money was my priority then. I was a kid, come on.. Cut me some slack. All I wanted was more Barbie dolls and clothes.

But come to think of it, money cannot be compared with anything. Yes, love and happiness is indeed way too important for me. But, without money, I would be starving. Without money, I’ll be wearing thin patched clothes and sleeping by the road side. I need money. Money is important to me.

How can we achieve happiness? We would be either fighting over food or waiting to die. How can we show our love to each other with no strength then?

Hence, money do bring happiness and love. It doesn't literally bring. It helps. (:

Money may tear families apart. It may drive a man go wild. Money is important but not to the extent that I would do anything to get extra money.

Where do you get your money? Do you have a part-time job or do you receive an allowance from your parents, or both? Have you done any part time jobs before to earn your allowance?

I get my money from my mummy! (: It even rhymes. I have a part time job. I get paid to improve my photography skills. Ain’t that cool? I help my mum take photographs of the food and restaurant for NST. It’s not big, but getting a byline is cool okay! My mum's articles are usually out on Sundays. You're in luck, tomorrow a Sunday and there are 2 articles out! (: Check it out on Life & Times, News Straits Times. (OMG. I feel like a saleswoman..)

Wanna check out what food photographs I have? (:

@Haeun Khon, Amcorp Mall

@Cafe Chulo, Jaya One

@High Tide, Menara Taipan

Other than that, I was a cashier at Popeyes. You could check it out in my previous post. CLICK!

If you want to buy something, do you usually save up or will you get it straightaway compare?

I'd find alternatives to fit my budget. Either I get it reasonably, or don't get it at all. OR, just slowly wait till my Nuffnang pays me a big cheque. It's easier to buy cheaper things with decent quality than saving my money to buy a designer dress that has a cost price of RM20 and brand cost of RM3000. I don't know if you get what I mean, but this is what I think. (:

What do you think about the current economic climate? Did it affect you, your family and your outlook on the future?

This is what I always hear, 'Economy so bad! How to work? Aiyoh.. I die lah. No more money to buy rice for my family'. I'm just so speechless about our current economic climate.

It doesn't really affect me much. I'm still a secondary school student you see. As for my family, of course we're told to be more thrifty. We do, but it really doesn't affect us much.

As for the future, gosh. I hope things will get better. ):

What do you think are the three coolest jobs in the world and why?

1. Crime Scene Investigator

Okay, maybe I watched too many CSI with my mother. She's a big fan of crime stories. I started watching with her as well, just to keep her company. Back then, I watched it with her even though I knew I would get nightmares later (I really did!). But slowly, I got hooked to it. It was fun trying to crack the cases before the CSI team. (:

It's really cool to be one cause you get to you get to team up with the Mr. Handsome - Horatio Caine!


It's so cool that they find out the truth backwards. They literally get to scan the whole crime scene to catch the criminals! I mean, it's like playing an online game but in real life. With real people and real dead bodies. LOL. They have to be really intelligent and think from different perspectives. I mean, it's really a cool and hard job. You'll never know, you might bump into a serial killer. D: Although, I heard that the real CSIs are that efficient. /:

2.Video game Tester

Getting paid to play? No fair! I'm a gamer myself. But not the addicted ones. I just play. (: I find them so cool! Except, they have no more fingerprints due to handling with the buttons all the time.

3.Scuba Diver

Okay, I don't know what the real job name. Marine Researcher.. etc. As long they dive into the sea to study the sea creatures. Dangerous and the most beautiful job. You get to 'hear' the peace in the underworld and swim with the most dangerous sea creatures too!

What are the three jobs least coolest job in the world, and why?

I don't mean to hurt these people who are having these jobs. Actually, I appreciate them. They do things not many would want to do.

1. Garbage Collector

Do you really need me to explain that? But I do appreciate them. REALLY! You gotta have a lot of guts to be one.

2. Clerk

I always think all they do is type, type and type.

So much work and so boring.

3. Dentist

I do not wanna know what the patients have been eating. Or what colour their teeth are. ):

Don't penalize me for this picture kay?


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