Friday, May 21, 2010

So far, so good.

Day 2: Family & Friends

Q1 : Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family!
I have loving parents, who will buy me most of the things I want :P There's always
there to support me, even though with really odd ways sometimes haha. I have a younger
brother and I'm the eldest. My brother is still in primary school so I gotta sometimes
help him with his homework and surprisingly, I can't answer his questions sometimes.
I spend a decent amount of time daily with them, for example dinner and prayers.
My grandma doesn't stay with us, she only comes a couple of times a year to stay
for a while. We go back the kampung where she stays sometimes during Raya.

Q2 : Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together.

I don't wanna state names because there's too many of you guys and I don't wanna
leave out on any one of you so to make it seem fair, I'm gonna talk about my classmates.

This is us during our recent class photoshoot. I can't upload much because I'm not supposed to expose the pics before the magazines get printed out but here's a few shots.
I swear we are the coolest class ever, almost everyone is a musician in class! Heck we even have
a class band, called Potato Punishment! My classmates are the greatest people ever, some
geniuses, jokers and rockstars. I've learned to mix with all of them and have learned a lot
from them too, mostly not, academic stuff haha.

Last year during Physics class, teacher decided to call us up to perform! We'd bring our
guitars every week without permission, I'd sometimes bring

my ukulele along. There's many more stories but I'll save them for another
day :)

Q3 : When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?

Honestly, I think I'm kind of 'shy' at the start but after a while, haha. Hell has been
released! I'm always interested in meeting new people, especially those 'unique' type
of people. The 'not your usual day people'. They're always nice to get to know,
someone you can exchange thoughts and experience with.

Q4 : Is identity important to you and your friends? How important is standing out / being different to you and your friends?

Yeah it is important because, obviously we want to be cool. Do you want to be an
unknown loser? I mean honestly speaking, who'd want that right? Standing out is nice
because people see you different, your not just some passerby that they don't
even know which class your from. But if you over do it then your just gonna be
a, bitch.

Q4 : Does religion affect your choice of friends? Explain your answer

Not at all. I'm a Muslim, and this is me, having lunch

next to my friends dog. Religion doesn't really matter to me when it comes to friends.
I can tell you that most of my friends a Chinese Christians and I get a long very well
with them. Heck my band members are all Christian except for me but we're cool
with each other.

I don't think you should be so close minded and let religion affect your choice of friends.
Your having a major loss in life by doing that. You should treat others well too,
if you want them to do the same. Don't give bad comments about other people's religion,
you'll just start a fight. Respect each other. You can exchange thoughts but don't get
too personal over it.

Q5 : How do you and your friends like to categorize people of your age group . i.e EMO, Skater, JPop, KPop fanatic, Hip Hop, Goth, freak, geek, shutterbug, others? What are the three most popular groups/looks amongst you and your friends?

Rockstars, Handballers & Apple users.

We like to categorize people into many groups, both mean and nice and the same time.
There's the debaters, musicians, nerds, possible mental breakdown-ers, twitters,
Malays, Chinese, guitarists, wrist slit-ers, silent but deadly, ugly, math geeks,
BLG fans, iPhone/iPod users. Okay some of them were just fake.

The iPhone/iPod class group might be the coolest. We usually talk about the
applications available. Mostly games that we can play online to battle against each
other and stuff related to that. We update each other with app offers and such stuff too.
Haha such losers!

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