Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Youth and Me

Hello an Howdy. Dozens of question arrived today for the next few days in my Inbox. And I will answer it all. You know what it feels like. Like someone is doing interview with you. That facts is not. I'm am doing this all by my self alone on the desk on my free time with a thing called laptop. Anyway, lets get straightaway to the question.

What do I thinks about being Youth today?

Being raised in the modern, wealthy, not very healthy environment gives me a lot of though about being a Youth today. Modern invention makes me feels the world is a smaller place than it looks on the map. You know, big airplanes, Internet connections, On-line Banking. Easy/Able to do anything within my own house. Wealth gives me advantage on doing/learning what I'm passionate with. Not very healthy environment causes me suffer from Asthma when I was a kid. And now, my little brother suffer from it too.

In some kind of ways, we are very lucky and in some kind of other way, we are not so lucky. Its fine though. That's what give the different 'personality' from one generation to another.

The Future?

In terms of future, I personally think that it is not right to ask weather I think the future is bright or something to worry about. It actually depends on what we all do. To be exact, it depends on what the Youth do today, how hard they work, how they manage something, how they think about something. With all the gejala buang bayi, mat rempit, prostitution, and drugs, I would say the future is something to worry about. I know not all of the youth are bad but just look at the news. There are more bad news about youth the the good news. And sometime, no good news at all.

Youth Are Rebellious in Nature?

Are you sure? I don't think so. At something that they think is wrong, maybe. But rebellious in nature? Not really. From my experience, they are just following what youth from previous generation did like breaking the law. I always get it from my fiends, they said to me “ Tak remeja arr kalau tak buat benda ni”. That sentence actually encourage them to do more rebellious thing. They won't be a 'cool' person if they didn't do it.

But some of them, like I said earlier, being rebellious because they think they are on the right side. People should listen to these kind of people and maybe consider some of them. You know what I mean.

Easier or Harder Life Than Our Parents' Generation?

I got to say in someway it's a lot easier and someway it's harder. By easier what I mean is with the Technology that we have today helped us a lot in our daily day such as computer with Internet connections, made us easy to find any information that we want. Cars and public transportation helped us to go to one place to another.

What I mean by harder is the competition. Youth today need to work much-much harder in order to achieve their dreams. The competition is so tense nowadays. Even the straight A students also have to struggle.

What Is Your Biggest Fear In the World... Other than Death?

Erm... Honestly I say, I'm afraid if I didn't achieve my dream which is to be a Pilot. I don't know why. It's just my passion. I know I'm good at it because I am born to be one. You know, its hard to explain your passion in words.

What makes you happy?

Seriously? Want me to list it all? I bet it won't end. But I can assure you that the thing that makes me happy the most is of course makes my parent happy. Nothing can compare to that. Priceless. And the other thing, obviously being a Pilot! That's my life time dream! Unfortunately nobody can help me about that. I have to work on my self. You know the price...

What has been the most difficult hurdle you have overcome so far in your life? What did this experience teach you?

Erm... I'm not so sure about this. I probably won't tell you but I got to say, DON'T EVER TAKES SMALL THINGS LIGHTLY. Those small things can be the next big thing in your life. Takes every single thing in your life seriously. That's all.

Family or Friends? Why? Any Experience?

Wow. Never thought this kind of question will come. Can I choose both? Anybody going to say No? If you do, re-think about it. I'm the one who is writing here, I'm the one who control my life. Who are you to control mine? Hehe... Back to the question. I choose both. Without family, there is no Me. Without friends, there is.... erm.... Fill in the blanks_______. Did I have any experience choosing between these two? Yes. Which one did you choose? Both. Let me explain. That time I was involved in a trouble which I can't solved it by myself. Then, to solve it, I request help from my friends, and I request opinion from my family. Problem Solved.

Tell us about yourself!

This is easy.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, this is your Captain-To-Be speaking. My name is Ku Ahmad Mudrikah. The Flight Crew called me Ku. You can call me Mudrikah if you want. Welcome aboard to the flight. I hope you enjoy yourself flying with our airline. I was born in Kerteh, Terengganu. But raised in Sungai Petani, Kedah. Former Head Boy/Head Prefect of SMK Ibrahim. I was born on 13th April 1992. Just in case you are interested to know. This flight is going to be a long. Keep reading what am I writing, before you know it, we arrived at the destination. If you need any help, just ask the Flight Attendance or you can email me at Enjoy your flight!

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