Monday, May 24, 2010

Success huh.

Success is relative, if I aim to wake up at 8am this morning and did, then it's a success. My personal three that I'm going to share may look like they are in the order of 'biggest success' to 'smallest success', but to me, they are of all equal value.

I got my Diploma in Pianoforte at the age of fifteen. I have said before that I am really untalented. It’s true, I had to work very hard to it. But I did it. Nowadays, I (quote Dad) ‘bang the piano’ for fun.

After a couple of years struggling with Taekwondo sparring classes, and losing battles, I joined my first poomsae competition. And won. It was predicted, moreover a closed tournament, so it was really small, but it still felt fabulous. If I look like I was crying in the photos, I was, almost. Now I’m getting too old for all this.

A kind of small but very important success for me is to finally convince my dad that I really do want to go to church. It’s in PJ, which is rather far, so I will have to convince Dad to allow me to take the LRT. But still, with God’s will, anything is possible, one way of another.

Also, I'm finally getting to Latin dance, just for kicks. 

Sure, the big things impress people, but really, it's the little achievements in life that make living oh so sweet.

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