Monday, May 24, 2010

Satu Malaysia.

Hmm, I think the title sounds better with an exclamation mark.
Anyway, today’s blog post!

 What do you think of 1Malaysia? Please explain your answer (likes, dislikes, emotions etc) in details. What is your vision of Malaysia in the next 5 years?
I think 1Malaysia is just another slogan to get everyone excited about racial unity etc. etc. Not to say that it is bad, it may be good, who knows?
I like how everyone is very enthusiastic about it. That’s a great thing! And I like how every Malaysian brand, newspaper article and TV shows are using the slogan, very nice! Actually I’m rather neutral on this topic. It may turn out to be a great thing, or flops like previous slogans. Malaysia’s campaigns have a tendency to do so. Basically, I feel almost nothing towards it. It’s normal for me, I don’t feel excited or anything about it! Is that normal?

I can see Malaysia heading towards bankruptcy in the next 5 years. We keep loaning and borrowing like there’s no tomorrow. But sooner or later, we’re going to have to repay those debts. And I also see racial tensions growing. Not much of a pretty sight.

 What do you think about the various races in this country? Do you think about your race or country first? Why? Do you think there is a tension between the various races in this country or not?
I think it’s a great thing to have diverse cultures and races in our country! But when I think about Malaysia, I think about my race first. That’s just me though. Like when you think about orange cats, you think about Garfield first.
There is definitely tension between races in this country! But what I don’t understand is why politicians constantly have to bring this topic up! It’s just adding oil to the already huge fire! You know, all this tension is actually caused by politics. They fan the fire here and there, and voila! You have a great big bonfire. What is up with that?! We have shared Malaysia for 50 years, should racism even be a problem here?

 How do you think people from all over the world see Malaysia? Do you think there is a typical “Malaysian” stereotype? How would you want people to view “Malaysians” in the future?
Westerners might think that Malaysia is all beaches and turtles, thanks to our successful advertising.. Malaysia Truly Asia…., but maybe those who have lived here for some time think that behind all those nasi kandars and laksas (not to mention char koay teow!), there is definitely something going on behind the scenes. Some may categorize us with Myanmar and Indonesia (politics splattered everywhere) and some may categorize us with the Caribbean Islands (again, the commercial).
Yeah, there is a typical Malaysian stereotype recognizable anywhere. We love honking. It’s in our genes! There are many more characteristics in the typical Malaysian, but I can’t seem to remember them now. Oh yeah! We loves “lah”s too!
E.G : She is too pretty for you-lah!
E.G : No-lah! I’m too handsome for her!
I would like people to view Malaysia as a growing country like Singapore. Always striving to improve. But not with their kiasu kiasi attitude!

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