Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 8: What Do You Like? :D

Tell us about 3 things that you have seen, read or listened to recently that you love and have recommended or share with others (in Facebook, face to face conversations, online, etc)?

Well, viral videos made available on Youtube are one of the wackiest stuff you could ever recommend to your friends! And I'm pretty much more of a video guy than a reading guy. As I said earlier, I'm not so much into reading ;) Let me just give you a rough idea of what I think is worth sharing online especially on Facebook through my eyes :D

What is on your ‘must see’, ‘must do’ and ‘must have’, list for 2010?

You could probably say I'm a materialistic guy when it comes to gadgets. If you say "must do", I've got nothing much to say, but if you say "must have", I've got a whole list that would blow your mind. Just hand me the credit card and I'm sure your card would reach its limit within hours :) Well for 2010, my "must have" gadgets are:

The Apple iPad!
The Apple iPad is an unprecedented device. It doesn't shoot rainbows or make puppies, but this roughly 8x10-inch tablet computer melds your laptop, smartphone, gaming console, and iPod into a single, affordable, unfortunately named thing. Yes, it does have a pretty weird name but believe me its capabilities are beyond your imagination. I've seen someone use it before and it is sexyyyy! :D It makes other gadgets look like roti canai next to sushi and caviar!

Alienware M11X (sounds pretty serious, no? )
This laptop is a laptop not for the faint-hearted! For cutting edge graphics and a true gaming console, there is no way, you'd say no to the Alienware M11X! ;) As a guy who puts computer performance and speed above everything else, this is a godly computer to me. For you computer geeks out there, this baby ha s4GB of DDR3 RAM, Nvidia GeForce GT 335M graphic card and a solid state 500GB hard drive. For the price, it really is computer of the year :D Oh yeahh, and pardon me for the geekiness! :)

Nintendo Wii (The Black One) :O
I've always wanted a Wii for myself to swing about and "pretend" like I'm actually exercising and losing calories! But my dream never came true, my wallet just doesn't permit :( But have no fear, I'll be swinging those nunchuks around soon, before you know it! Not only does the Wii have your conventional games up for playing, they even have sport simulation games. (just for those of yall who don't know :D ) I know I'm fat, I seriously gotta lose those pounds! :P

Well, if I continue going on rambling about the gadgets I dream to get you might just fall asleep face down on the keyboard. I shall spare you the trouble then. Moving on! :)

What is your favorite outfit/set of clothes at the moment, please send us pictures and tell us why you like them.

Well, you could say I'm pretty much a formal guy and I'd find any reason at all to wear a shirt and a tie! Yes ladies and gentlemen, a man's gotta look smart. :D Warning! User desclaimer: Before you scroll down, take a deep breath and brace yourself for some really ugly face moments capable of damaging the mind permanently, I shall not be liable for any mental damages caused! :)

Put picture and show us your top favourite gadget, collections, toys, things or any items that you can't live without and tell us why

My one and only beloved gadget would be my iPhone 3GS. Truthfully speaking, I don't know what I'd do with my self without it. When I first got my baby, the man at the store told me, " Once you get your iPhone, you don't really need to get your butt near the PC." I didn't quite believe him. I was like, "No way la! A desktop is a desktop. You can't replace it" But over the last few months I've grown with my iPhone and I do everything with it. We have a special bond with one another if you know what I mean :D From tweeting, to Facebooking, to replying emails, and even blogging ,there's nothing in this world that can separate me from my iPhone. Speaking of which, I even had a tussle with my brother when he tried to touch it, that's how protective I am over it ! :P



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