Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 9: To Brand, Or Not To Brand? :)

Is branded products important to you? What does brand represent to you?

Oh yeah! Brands are of utmost importance to teens nowadays! I mean its not just a name, its the prestige of it all and probably the name has some bearing on the quality of the product. :)

Are there any brands that you think stand up for something (an attitude/cause or point of view) that you agree with? Tell us more. What brands do who think are the best at communicating with youth? What do they do that gets your approval?

Yes, there are many brands nowadays that are gearing towards the youth of today by doing all sorts of community projects among youths just to create awareness among youths about their brand :D A good example would probably be DiGi, Nike, Adidas and even Apple :)

List down your favourite brands and tell us why do you like them

Maxis! – Because its the No.1# mobile phone service provider in Malaysia!! :D

Apple! – Because of their innovation in creating products which blow the world away like the iPhone and iPad. Rock on, Steve Jobs! :)

Nike and Adidas – Sports brand of the century guys! What's not to like? :)

Can you upload two advertisements (picture or video) that you like and tell is why you like it.

Why I like em'? Well, these advertisements depict the creativity adn the innovation of the people of today. I'm pretty sure these ads appeal to loads of teens ;)

Are there any brands or products that you would be embarrassed of using or being associated with?

Nahhh, I think every brand has its pros and cons and we shouldn't be embarrassed about being associated with any product. The worst would probably being associated with Mami Poko Pants Pampers! :D

Does religion influence your choice of brands? If ‘yes’ explain your answer.

Nope, I don't see why it should. As a united country, we as Malaysians shouldn't discriminate among one another.

What/where do you find new information about products that you like?

Once a again the Internet and television! I can't stress enough the importance of the internet in a teen's life! Without it, we wouldn't be the people we are today! :D


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