Monday, May 24, 2010

$$ to me

Really does make the world go round. Besides the Sun’s gravitational pull on the Earth, which keeps it in orbit, of course, dollars are still the accepted global currency.

Ever since I discovered that my education fund is almost non-existent, thereby nearly crushing all my hopes and dreams, money has become even more pressing an issue in my life. Yes, I think money is very important in my life. It is important to me.

Money is not the root of all evil BTW, greed is. It is one of the seven sins, and a typical human trait. Blaming evil on money is an act of denial. Yes human, it’s your fault!

This is my first part-time job, I have never worked before, but I have interned at an Architecture firm for three weeks. It was tiring, boring, but somewhat interesting at the same time. Now I know how office people feel. Kids, never ever underestimate the mindlessness your parents have to go through every day!

Like I was saying, I do not work, but I like to save, especially for important things. Like a prom dress, though sometimes it becomes pointless because my dad gives me back the money I spent, especially if he takes me to shop. But if he didn’t, I wouldn’t mind one bit. I’m a wonderful daughter that way.

Not only that, in typical girly fashion, I also love to deliberate and compare compare compare. Perhaps it’s still the part-naïve child speaking, but somehow I believe that even when working in the future, I will make the money work for me, and not the other way around. Or rather, I will try to work around my money, because though money is a very big priority, it isn’t worth dying for.

Generally, youth today are just as hardworking as their predecessors. Granted, technology does make many things faster and easier, but is only effective if you’re the only person having this technology. Only then are you much more fortunate than others. But since everyone else is getting the technology, everyone gets nearly equal opportunity again. You might be wondering about the poor youths in poverty around the world. Surely there were communities in misfortune back then as well. I am just reinforcing my stand on equal opportunities throughout the ages here.

In any generation, there are people who have flawless work ethics, and those who don’t. In a company, there are always the few people who come in late for work, forget to clock in, and hardly ever meets deadlines. It happened then, and it still happens now.

It’s a vicious cycle.

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