Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the eighth

today's wish: oh youthsays, please please please pay us all early so that i can go to kL with my bestie next week. it's my only chance! :(

okay, that wish is so0o0o never gonna come true. i'm thinking youthsays'll pay us all on the last date promised, the 14th. *sighs*.

anyway. i have reached the 8th topic, and i am proud of myself for not quitting. :). good girl, piya. thumbs up! sooo the eighth topic in the real voices project number 2 is.....


1st question.
Tell us about 3 things that you have seen, read or listened to recently that you love and have recommended or share with others (in Facebook, face to face conversations, online, etc)?

well, usually all i share is songs, but lately i have been doing more than just listening to music. the things that i have seen and recommended to others are:
a) online shopping stuff

OMG aren't they gorgeous? from here, here, and here.

b) videos [i haven't shared it with anyone yet, i am sharing it here in blogger]
you can watch it here. you gotta watch it, it's about this magic snake. lol.

c) a recipe that i watched on afc [astro channel 703]
i tried to cook it and it actually worked :D. and it was deeeelicious!

okay, next question.
What is on your ‘must see’, ‘must do’ and ‘must have’, list for 2010?

my must-see list for 2010 is:
1. my mum.
2. england.
3. my salary. haha.
4. good results.
5. the latest shrek movie
and so on..

next, my must-do list for 2010:
1. shopping! :D
2. learn how to be less of a perfect mess up in the kitchen.
3. get better results.
4. apply for ptptn.
5. save money.
6. go on holiday with my friends.
7. let's stick to the 6 things for the time being, eh?

and finally, the must-have list:
1. a new lappy :P
2. a blackberry.
3. new clothes [and i mean everything - underwear, jeans, cardis, blouses, t-shirts, etc.].
4. my own transport [a car, if possible].
5. a ticket every month to go see my boyfriend.
6. $$$
7. weekly visits to pizza hut :D
8. and lots, LOTS more.

next question!

-->What is your favorite outfit/set of clothes at the moment, please send us pictures and tell us why you like them.
okay this isn't actually mine. it's my best friend's outfit but i absolutely LOVE IT. even though i can't actually wear it because i wear a hijab, it is still my favorite outfit. doesn't she look absolutely pretty wearing it?

anyway, i heart her. very, very much.

and the last question for today's topic is:
Put a picture and show us your top favorite gadget, collection, toys, things, or any item that you can't live without and why.

alrighty.. the first item [or people, for that matter] that i can't live without is:

them. because they're my family, and i love them tremendously :)

them. because she's my bestest bestie in the whole wide world and he's my boyfie and i love them as much as, if not more than, my own family. oh, and i love their mum too. i just don't have a photo of her. she's my mami too :)

him. actually mine is a LOT bigger but i don't have a nice picture of it. my boyfriend bought it for me and i named it bawang. it's a long story. ha ha. sometimes i call it my baby :)
p/s: it has a BIG head, just like my sayang. hahahahaha.. just kidding, dear.

this. okay i don't actually own a blackberry, but i will one day. tee hee.

this, of course. there's no need to explain that.

and finally, love from everyone, of course. especially all of you out there!

*i think the blog will load SLOWWWWWLY because everyone's gonna upload lots and lots of photos for this topic.


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