Thursday, May 20, 2010

My DAY 1

Voila! I really cant believe I am here!!
Okay, I'm not gonna crap much..
Let me intro myself first.. 
I am Wai Hsun,18 goin to be 19 in this coming 31 December : ) 
Currently is a Mass Comm student in TARC majoring in Media Studies ..
Is there anything u guyz wan to know?? u can ask me through my fb, Wai Hsun 
Beside that, is there any BIG BANG FANS here?? I am totally crazy wit them.. 
If u r BB fans.. plz add me to chat more about them yea xD
okay, i have been taking quite some time to intro.. 
Lets go for the question now : 

  • What’s the best thing about being youth today? Do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?.

    Well , I live in Malaysia..i think the best thing being a youth today is we can have more entertainment life, more facilities for us to use or can I say we have a lot more easier life than our parent or our grandparents times?? Yea, for me .. basically, i think if we really compare to old times, we are consider having a very lucky life already? dont you think so?? 

    Oh yea, i did mention we can have more entertainment life, more facilities  to use n etc.. Do u ever think, how we can achieve it?? Let me give u a sec to think  ~ ~~  TIME"S UP!! Yupz! Is through TECHNOLOGY! Our technology industry is getting better and better everyday!! Wondering what is the importance of technology??Let's flash back to old time, try to think how do they contact other ppl?? through phone and mail  rite?? about nowadays?? .we hav email  , internet, handphone and many more thing have created to make our lives easier.. With jus a click, we can knw how are they.. where are they and most important it can allows to keep contact in everywhere n anytime,  
    Now u see the importance of the technology rite?  

    For me, the future is as black as "dark hole" .. 
    hmph, wanna know why?  I will start will ppl around me first.. 
    Since my schol time, friends around me have started to have sex with their partners ( i am still  PURE virgin yea, i nvr involve in any of those activities ). So the problems starts here, a lot of my friends get PREGNANT!! After that, we will jus go to the doctor and abort it!! aww.. isnt tat cruel?? pity the baby = ( 
    other than that, plz open the newspaper.. it always full of rape, incest, sodomise, robbery, killing n etc..
    All of these cases happen everyday and it keep rising, how can I expect the future will be getting better, huh? Not forget to mention, our Malaysia politic does have problem.. and I dun think I should talk more about it .. scared later will be hunt down by the ISA  xD hehe ~

    Personally I believe everything in the world will have their dateline/deadline including our EARTH.
    I believe most of ppl know the movies of 2012 rite? That movies show us the year of 2012 is our DOOMSDAY... Seriously, after watching that movies..  i kinda scared if end of the world will be happening on year 2012..U know why??Not bcoz i scared of death.. but i jus think that is not worth is if I die after I just finish my DIPLOMA!! I STILL HAVENT ENJOY MY LIFE YET!! I STILL HAVENT PLAY ENOUGH YET!! I WAN TO GO OVERSEAS!! Dont u think is a bit waste that i spend so many money and times to study .. after tat i JUST DIE >.<  ARGGH!!!

  • Do you think “youth” (people like you) are rebellious in nature? Do you think youth today rebel like they used to before? Explain. Do you/have you rebelled against anything or anyone in the past? Explain.
Talk about rebellious... I think I will be more like to changed it  that youth are more brave to stand for what is right or wrong... hmph, if we need to compare again , of coz the  older generation people are not as "rebellious" than the youth nowadays..For example, the older generation  ppl will obey everything their parents says but  youth nowadays will not!! I strongly believe that youth nowadays behave such ways bcoz of western cultures influences.. due to we watch their film,show n etc.. the western movies tend to show the equality of among the people. . slowly slowly, we hav adapt their cultures and practicing it now = )

Hav i rebelled against anything or anyone before?? hahaxD Now when i think back , i really kinda naughty rebellious kid during high school.  I remember my class during high school is famous due to we will scold back the teacher, we will complain the teacher about their teaching got problem to the principal..we will argue with the teacher if we not agree wit it. Me and my classmates really cannot stand with the teacher that come into the class and doesnt teach but talk crap or those teacher are sometimes unreasonable tat keep looking for our wrong-doings.. They might be teacher who have pass their "TEACHER EXAM" from the gov.. but that does not mean they are perfect for teaching .. sometime they are really kinda terrible, which leaves us no choice to argue or complain them!

  • Do you think youth today have an easier or harder life than our parents’ generation? Please explain your answer.
Yupz, strongly agree that youth today have more easier life. As I been told by my parents, they are not having a luxurios or easy life back then.. they have to work and work and work to get a meal to eat when they are young.. For education, in my parents generation, the highest level of education is until high school or maybe for those who have serious financial problem, they might not even complete their high school too. As my mum told me, during  her time, if u get an PMR ( FORM 3) certificate is already good enough to get a job and can be classified as SMART too.. 

Therefore, I think that we totally have more easier life now.. we have been well-fed, given clothes and place to live with TV, PC and many more which back then they do not have ..Even if the student of the family is poor, there will be alot of loan or helps we can get from the gov to pursue our studies.. We can continue our studies without any prob : )
  • What is your biggest fear in the world…other than death?
Death is nothing for me.. because during the young time i always think many ways to die. Seriously, i always think how can I die without any feeling ~ and  voila! I did think of a way to die painlessly ~ but i dun think is appropriate for me to say it out loud here xP

I really really scared of losing something I treasure..  I cannot withstand people around me to be gone or die.. 
lets say got people shoot a bullet from a gun to the people i treaasure, I will block in front of them to protect them.. I WILL trade anything including my life to protect the people I treasure..I really cannot withstand the feeeling of losing someone =  /
  • What makes you happy?
I only have a very simple wish.. my wish is to stay around with all my bestie! I hope my bestie will be the real friend of mine, always there for me when I need it.. this is good enough to make up my life : )

Beside that, I think I really have turn to a very CRAZY FAN of BIG BANG, when I am totally down, once I saw BIG BANGS STUFF.. it can ease up my my day. I LUV BIG BANG!

  • What has been the most difficult hurdle you have overcome so far in your life? What did this experience teach you?
So far, the greatest hurdle I have overcome is how to face those fake/two-face friends or more precisely a very highly motive people. This happen during my high school, all my classmates have more than two face.. 
For example, let say ME and KOPI is not very close, but KOPI need my help one day, so he ask my help.. after I help KOPI, i thought we will getting close to know each other. . but after I help him, the next time we met.. he jus walk pass through me.. It totally breaks my heart to met all this kind of people... 

As I say, All my classmates are two-faced people.. the things happen is getting more and more. Back then, I really dunno how to get along wit them.. if u r kinda look weak, not dare to fight back.. there will always some people is there to bully u ! Seriously, in my class.. almost everyday is like a war.. but not as in punching or kicking,.. but we will fight verbally.. It might be kinda dramatic, but that it is happening to my class.. 
we will have few sides ..A dun like B dun Like C dun like A.. (something similar like tat ) . .Everyday either one side will do something to start a fight.. and most of us will like always predict wat is other ppl next steps.. what they gonna do and bla bla bla ~ ~ ~

Totally not a good high school life ... but thanks to that awful experience, I know the reality of this world..will be more wicked to not bully by others.. But I kinda feel bad, due to that, i slowly slowly have turn to be a two-faced prick too ~
  • Which has more importance today in your life - family or friends? Why? In your experience, did you ever have to make a choice between your friends and family? If ‘yes’ please explain your answer and why did you do so?
I dunno wat should I write but I will choose FAMILY because I really dont have any choice.. 

***( I am sorry, I not really wan to write anything about my family) 

  • Tell us more about yourself!
    I am a Capricorn boy that born in 31 December 1991, age 18+.. 
    taking Mass Comm, major in media studies at TAR COLLEGE..
    still single but not sure whether is available ..
    hav to ease up my mum burden at home
    so most of the time will stay at home and be a babysitter and do the house chores...
    rarely go out.. 
    I can stuck inside my house more than 3 weeks.. 
    super talkative, sometimes crazy ..
    always talk crap..

    I also a BIG FANS of KOREAN Band,BIG BANG !! LUV G- Dragon!!

    Is it enough about myself?? @.@


  1. Hi Wai Hsun, I ♥ Big Bang too! Nice to know there's someone in here who actually knows Big Bang! :D I'm Anis Safiah, by the way. :)

  2. haha!! yay!! i really found BB fans here!! hi, nice to meet u : )

  3. Haha, big Yay, then! And, nice to meet you too. :)

  4. hm, where r u from ?? studying? hehe, is there any possible u r older than me xD

  5. i'm from kota bharu. currently doing meds in egypt. and yes, i'm older than you by 4 months. i'm turning 19 this august. :D so, how about you? :)

  6. haha, meds huh? major in wat? I taking media studies(mass comm) n living in KL, cheras ~
    and age eed to mention again rite xD

  7. for now, i'm taking general meds. we can major in any specialties after finishing the general first. :) oh mass comm. i've heard about it, as some of my friends are taking that too. but i never knew what's that exactly. care to explain? what you study n what subjects are you taking? :D

    (it becomes really long, isn't it? the comments, i mean. why don't we continue in facebook? anyway, thank for the add!) :)