Thursday, May 20, 2010

the second

i was quite busy today. actually i was feeling pretty tired to update this blog but hey, a girl gotta do what she has to do. if i procrastinate, then i'm gonna have to more work the next day. don't get me wrong. i LOVE writing. but there are some days when you're not in the mood for anything [except for shopping] especially today, since my boyfriend suddenly told me he wanted to quit his studies. AND, he wants to go to kL THIS TUESDAY eventhough he has only come home A WEEK. so let me get this straight. i waited more than two months for him to come home, he's only staying a week, and he won't go out with me everyday? err, didn't anyone notice? i'm only human. a girl can only take on so much stress.

okay whatever. as if anyone cares. so today i'm supposed to write about family and friends. quite a fun topic, i must say.

okay firstly i have 7 siblings that live with me and a brother who lives with my mum. i'm not sure which ones are half-siblings and which ones are not. i'm quite confused about these things. never mind. what's important is that they are all my siblings, right? my parents got a divorce when i was little and they both remarried when i was about eight or so [with different persons]. my mum's English and so she went back to UK after the divorce. my dad stayed in Kelantan as it is where his born plus he works here. oh, together, my mum and dad got 5 kids. after my dad married my stepmom they got 2 kids while my mum got 1 kid after he married my stepdad. every night, i sleep at my granma's house because i'm just used to it plus i think that she has the most comfy bed in the world. this is my dad:

everyone thinks he's scary but i think he's the cutest guy in the world :)

okay i know it's better for me to upload pictures of all my family members but there are too many of them, 16, to be exact, including my 4 parents and my two granmas and my maid and my brother-in-law. so i just uploaded the photo of my dad because i think he's really really sweeeeet. my eldest sister is married and is doing her phD in the UK, while my brother is right here at home playing computer games 24/7 eventhough supposedly he's 24. he studies at UiTM Machang taking computer science. next is my other brother which is quite close to me because we kind of share the same interest. he studies at UIAM and is currently doing his practicals in the UK. most of his friends do their practicals right here in Malaysia but he chose to do it there because then he can meet our mum. after my brother is me myself, as you all know my name is Sofiya. i am studying at UiTM machang, just like my brother but we rarely meet each other there unless we plan for it to happen, because i stay in the hostel while he stays at home. of course, i would love to stay at home as well. sadly, i can fit into his friend's car coz there are enough passengers already :(. my little sister is studying at MRSM pengkalan chepa. i think she is the smartest in the family besides my dad and my eldest sister. recently she asked me which one should she pick, a chess tournament or the spell-it-right contest, since they were both happening on the same day. so i told her to pick the spell-it-right contest because if she wins, she'll get rm3000 while if hs ewins the chess tournament, she'll only get a medal. when the day arrived, she called my dad. sadly, NST lost the entry forms of the students from her school, so she couldn't go. yup, i always, always make the wrong decision. *sighs*. anyway, after my little sister is my two little brothers. they both study at sekolah rendah islam aman which costs a LOT hence i get less money because my dad doesn't have much money, but whatever, and lastly i have a little brother who lives with my mum in the UK who studies at a boarding school somewhere there. i have lots and lots of cousins but my favourite cousin is my cousin nani. we're really close, maybe it's because we are of the same age. she has a really great sense of humor and we kind of understand each other in most of the situations. i know i sound like such a baby saying this, but i totally miss my family when i'm in UiTM. so i come home every weekend. tee hee. sometimes even everyday!

okay now i'll tell you guys about my friends. my best friend is nadia, who is very very pretty but never picky in choosing friends. i mean, duh, she's friends with me. me! this is us together:

i love her so0o0o much. she has taught me many things. she taught me to be confident, she taught me not to care what everyone else thinks, she taught me about fashion, she let me become part of her family, and she even stayed friends with me even when we were both too busy to meet for a whole semester because we take different courses. luckily, we both got into UiTM machang so at least sometimes we meet :). i have lots of other friends that are really cool. we hangout together all the time. the activity that i like doing most with them are going everywhere in my friend's car and playing futsal. sometimes we just go anywhere with no real plan and stop wherever we want for a drink or whatever. and finally, there's my boyfriend who i will love, cherish, and care for for the rest of my life. i will not upload his photo, though. hee hee.

okay, answering the next question, i don't really describe myself when i'm meeting new people. i let them see for themselves who i really am. i don't really care if they want to judge me. the only person who knows me best is myself, and only i know the truth. who cares if anyone wants to say bad things about me? nevertheless, i LOVE making new friends. i have never felt like i have enough friends.

religion does NOT affect my choice of friends, but all my closest friends are muslims. what a coincidence. i do have friends from other religions, though. i think the main factor is that there are mostly muslims in my neighborhood. there were only 2 non-muslims in my school when i was in form 4. i was friends with both of them, but we weren't really close because they were in a different class. i don't think my friends care about who's what. it's just plain friendship. right?

identity is not important to me and my friends. clearly, we all have different backgrounds. we don't care who stands out the most between us. what matters is that we are happy for each other and help each other when we have problems. we are like family. for example, when one of my friends finally got a boyfriend after 6 whole months being single, all of us felt happy for her because she has finally found the man she actually loves. even if one of us were still single, we weren't jealous or envious. we were happy.

okay, about the people category. i think there are all types of them in our age group. i personally think that it is a youth's own decision to wear what she wants and do what she likes. it is her own way of showing who she is. it also shows that she is confident. my friends and i don't have any signature look or whatever. we wear what we want and what we like according to our mood every day.


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