Saturday, May 22, 2010

Well,dreams and the results that came along with them~

~Success and Achievement~

Well,of course even me an ex-anti-sosial have started to achieve something in my life and here, I'm going to share with you guys. After my SPM result came out, I was very grateful to get 10As in SPM until I knew that the world is even harsh to 10As SPM candidates. My 10As weren't wholly 10A1,instead I actually got 6A1 and 4A2. The insufficient of A1 in my results caused me a grief that's unbearable when I went to apply for scholarship to some of the sponsors like Bank Negara Malaysia, Khazanah Nasional, Sime Darby, PNB, and a lot more where all of them demanded a 8A1 SPM results. Moreover,I didn't even got A in my moral education such as The Qur'an and As-Sunnah Education and The Syariah Islamiah Education and this lack of As caused me to be disqualified for JPA's interview session. Nevertheless, with a never-give-up spirit of mine, I found a scholarship offered by Ministry of Education Malaysia for Excellent Student Program. Immediately I applied for the scholarship and I was grateful to be shortlisted and called for interview session. Well, that was my first interview and so far my only interview up till now. For my first experience, I did quite well in individual session but quite poorly in grouping session. After several weeks before I joined PASUM for my pre-u education, I wasn't called by MoE and I concluded that my application wasn't successful since my friend who also applied for the scholarship had been called. It was in the middle of my hard-time to suit myself with hostel and university life when I was called by my parents and informed that my application for the scholarship was successful and I was to report myself in Taylor University College for SAM preparation course. I was offered to do Physics instead of my all-time-favourite subject Mathematics and I was put off by that. After giving a deep thought plus some prayers asking for direction, I decided to reject the offer since my passion for Mathematics refused to surrender by hands of Physics,haha~ Well, that was my first little (I think so,hmm) success~

~Successful Persons and Their Elements~

Hmm, I'll define a 'successful person' based on his future planning to achieve something instead of the standard measurement of past achievement to estimate someone's success. I know that this sounds a bit immature,but believe me, I believe that we should always give space for a change to an individual. I must say that past achievement surely counted in calculating the excel of a person and this isn't an excuse for myself. Well,let's see what are the elements that'll score us a point. Firstly is undoubtedly having discipline is a necessary quality for a person to be qualified as successful. Discipline ensures that the person is able to do a work for great result consistently,provided that he's able to...huhu... Next is,that individual must be able to cooperate with others to achieve a great achievement which is unachievable by a workload of an individual. Surely there're jobs that must be done in a team or it won't be done in a correct way~don't u agree with me? Thirdly,that person must have faith in his religion which is something we tends to put it aside. Why is it so important to have such extent of value? A religious person is someone who will not take any measure from being astray from his faith and every religion encourage their believer to do good deeds and avoid bad deeds. Let say if an officer who's a believer of his religion be put in a post that's comparable to another who's not a believer of his religion, we can at least put our mind at rest knowing that the first man will not do any dishonest things as long as he's a practiser of his faith, but who can really sure of the second man's action since he doesn't even believe in a religion. Well, I'm sure there're a lot more good values to qualify a person to be successful, but let's that be decided on our own faith.

~Inspiration and Role Models~

I'm not so sure of this question, but to what inspires me is something that's not so certain till I can point out it in a single form,but I'll mention one just in case. I guess it's my parents' achievement despite both of them came from not a very rich family,especially my mother. Both of my parents were students of famous boarding schools at their time, Sekolah Alam Shah and Sekolah Tunku Fatimah respectively. My mother was actually not selected to further her secondary education in STF,but because of a vacancy and her financial condition, she was offered the place. I guess this is what we call "rezeki" or award from Allah because it wasn't expected. Well, both of them studied in a serious manner and they are who they are now because of their effort during their study period. So their success inspired me to get the results so far I've got.

~Ambitions and Goals~

Of course I do have~! Everyone who dreams of being successful in the future have their own ambition or a goal that's standardized so that they are able to aim very well in that matter. As for me, my goals for this year was to get CGPA 4.00 (obtained~), scholarship especially for oversea education (in progress) , and admission into a good university local or oversea (in progress). For the next year, I'm aiming to do (1) very well in Mathematics course and get CGPA 3.75 and above (preferably 4.00,but I overheard that it is very hard to get that pointer in faculty level compared to foundation level,so 3.75 will do to gain my grateful~) so that I will raise my chance to (2) join the Bright Spark Program in UM (in case I didn't get oversea scholarship this year) and (3) I'll also be active in co-curricular and leadership activities to enhance my personality. After that, I'm aiming for the next five years to (1) obtain a Master in Mathematics and (2) PhD in Mathematics as fast as possible since Science course consume less time (minimum 3 years) to be finished, and so I want to finish my study in a quick and bright manner. I'm also aiming to (3) get a job as a lecturer in a well known university (honestly, this is my last choice because in Malaysia, the opportunities for science students aren't as great as in oversea,and therefore,I really badly want to get scholarship for oversea education this year,hmm,pray for me guys~ =D ). Finally,my goals in life is firstly, to get married with a wife who's gentle,kind,smart,and pretty (these are ideals characteristics, but I don't really care about look as long as it is bearable for my daily life sight,hehe). Secondly, of course to get kids who can make me proud as a parent (in various way, sports,education, and even good attitude itself ;-) ). Thirdly, my goal is to make a family who can devote their time to tabligh (spreading of Islam thoughts) and practise it as if it is as natural as breathing (even I find it hard to do so currently, ohh Allah, please give me the strength). ~*

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