Saturday, May 22, 2010

the double F words!!

F....?? the secrets of life,,

F- stands for FAMILY and FRIENDS,,,
Lets step into my life for a while.. well,, I must say,, above any other luxury, the one thing im most grateful about in this world,, is to have such a wonderful family,, im not bluffing here,, im just stating the truth,, im glad that in my family,, we are still can be considered as one happy family,, and I just cant imagine losing them,, well,, my purrfect famili start with a purely perfect couple,, my mum n dad of course,,
mum is my wonder woman and dad is my superman,, well,, both my mum n dad are very loving,, considerate and very2 caring about their children,, which are the four of us,, my brother, fathi the fers son and the only son,, then there is my elder sis zahidah, my middle sis zahirah and the last one, me, zahiah,,


well,,, my mum is the heart of this family,, she is very sporting,, caring and very extreme,, she dun nags if we dun provoke her anger,, she is very2 funny,, and always makes us laugh,, she is very sporting,, she loves window shoppink,, so dun blame us gurls for having the shoppink instinct too, it runs in the blood u know,,hehe although she only have four children but i believe the pain and the differents behaviors we possesed can actually drive her crazy,, but she never complaints.. but she do nags,, once in a while,, its the melody in every family rite,,=p when i was little,, she used to be active in netball and badminton,, now she is taking it slow,, well,, her workloads had increase, since the new CIMB bank is no longer the bumiputra bank that used to have family days for their staffs,, ngeh ngeh ngeh,, urm,, she always tries to fulfill the desires that her little children has,, well,, like sumtym im craving for beefsteaks, or her tasty spagethy curry, or sumtym,, i wanna try to bake sumting like cupcake and all,, hehe and she just play along with my desire as long as im not over the dose,, and she loves to gardening,, but this one only started when i was in form 1,, which is rite after my sis took a wild flower from the sides of a street nearby our house and planted it at our yard.. and after my mom took over the gardening idea,, vualla,, that place is a heaven like,, only needs some trimming, and lots of trimming,, hehe but if she is free, she'll do it on the weekend,, she is a brave lady,, well,, all i can say, she can drive on her own from kedah to kl in the middle of the nyte,, or from ipoh to kedah in the early morning so that she can get to work in tym,, and i tell you,, she done it countless of tym,, as long as my father allows her,, she dun mind driving the car anywhere,, in fact,, she told us countless of tym,, when we r old enough,, she dont want to be the regular watching the grandchild at home type of granny,, she wanna be  a vogue one,, and all she needs is a car,, that she can drove anywhere she wants,, she just hoping to travel to places in her older age,, pretty extreme huh?? well,, dats just mom,, and one more thing that i can say nothing beats her in this,, she is a very obedient wife,,, she always do as what my father told,, and she always say where is she going to dad before going,, she always think whats best for dad and what dad's love and dislikes,, at nyte,, mum wud never like allowing dad to drive alone,, since his eyes are not seeing so clearly and she afraid that he mite caught in an accident,, mum dun mind be the driver at all,, since dad needs to get medical check up and monthly meds due to his late heart surgery, mum never misses accompany dad to penang for that,, in fact,, there is one tym, mum need to go outstation in kl for about 3 weeks,, and dad appointment is in the saturday of the fers week,, mum has no hesitating at return on the friday nyte rite after her work so that she cud accompanies dad early tomorrow morning (saturday) and returning to kl from kedah in the sunday so that by monday she can get back to the office,,if taht not enough, even my dad's clothes for work are all wash handed and iron by her,, even during her outstation, she wud iron it all fers before going,, i tell ya she is a not a wonder woman,, but she is just a very wonderful woman,, and i love her so very much for what she did to keep this family together,,, love u mamita,,=p


if my mum if a super wonderful woman,, daddy just got to be a super human,, hehe
well,, he is,, he always save his family from making mistakes,, he is a very considerate father,, even though he is strict and strikes for our own relization at any tym that he wishes to,, and get all his four children sorts of afraid of him because in my family,, he is the one that shud be most respected,, i still remember,, between all four of us,, im the last child and yeah,, i got a little bit special attention from dad,, because well ever since i was little,, i always clinging to both mum and dad,, so that attitude still continues no matter how big i am,, i am still mum and dad little gurl,, for instance, during our childhood,, there is lots of tym,, my sis,, well they pretty afraid to ask dad to change the radio channel in the car,, because dad's choice is not the teen's choice and they always had me asking dad to change the channel coz they will say dad wud never get mad at me,,hehe,,
well,, actually,, as we grew up,, dads loving character is shown lots clearly,, and i dun have to be the one screaming for ERA please daddy,, or HOT fm please daddy,, or HiZT fm please daddy,, nope,, not anymore,,, =p
because dad's love is the same for four of us,, he never classify his love or divides it into portions,,
and im glad,, my daddy had a firm religious stand,, he does everything based on Islam,, but still yeah,, he takes islam as a way of life and embrace it by doing his job honestly and his responsibilities ritefully.. and whats more important,, he chosed to guide his family fers,, instead of guiding others,, because for him, he is also still learning,, but if its about his family and friends seeking for his advice,, well he wud gladly state his mind..  and thats why im lucky to have such a guiding father,, which not all people have one,, and dad,, is very caring about his children well being,, for example,, my brother studies in egypt,, dad wud never forget to check on his account and transfer money to him every month,, so that my brother does need to be in poverty in other people country,, dad always wants the best for his son,, and as for me,, since im under mara but i dun get allowance every month since im just qualified for a half loan which due to my family income status,, dad is the one who gave my monthly allowance,, and if i think i am going to use it a little bit more than usual,, i always report to him like my other siblings wud do,, because its like we av this responsibilities after what dad had given us,, and i tell ya,, our family not so wealthy but dad never is a stingy man,, he wud help those that he affords to help,, =p and i thank my father for loving my mum,, he always show his love to mum,, and there is one tym,, when mum was strike by her gastriks,, dad has no hesitation in taking her to the hospital rite away,, and when she got admitted,, dad du just leave her side,, just like what mum wud do and did,, 
im blessed to have such wonderful parent,,

big brother~~

well,, all i can say,, in my eyes,, he is a handsome guy,,=p well,, if u dun know him well,,
people mite think that he pretty snobbish or pretty shy,,
well,, not when he is in our house, he is a very funny guy, and not to mention childish,,
he is had this hygiene stuff really seriusly,, especially when he is in his lazy mood,, well, if u trying to search for aguy that eats twisties using fork,, well he is just the rite one,,haha,, even tough sumtym he gets me on my nerve especially when he teams up with my sis at bullying me,, like during holiday,, they always had me do the dishes, or clear the table,, after eat,, and there is one tym,, during my childhood,, i keep an apple in the fridge,, i love to eat it while its cold and fresh, but when i open the fridge,, its already gone,, bro ate it!!! i wa pretty upset,, and he only answer there was no name on the apple,, so he can eat it,, so childish of him,,!! but then when he store an apple in the fridge i thought of pay back tym,, but as i looked at the apple,, he puts his name on it,,,!!!! thats sneaky of him!! >,< huhu
he is a medic student and i know he is a smart guy,, and creative one,, only he needs to prioritize his mind and set goals,, i say he is one creative guy because when he was little,, he always turn wasted paper into a dinosaur figurine,, and he got the whole set of dinosaurs,, he is obsessed with dinos really,,!! 
and he also enjoy BATMAN+ULTRAMAN+MASKED RIDER (die hard fan!! he even bought original DVDs and claim to dad dat im the who requested it,,huh)+DRAGON BALL+ACTION ANIME (like god save our king, or dual or dr balck jack)+POWER RANGERS but he only go for the action parts not the comedy part,,=p
but above all,, he is an enjoy brother to be with,, n i still love him,, we have blood ties,, what else i can do,,rite?? =p

elder sis~~ 

well,,, she is the one that im really2 close to,, i always share everything with her,,
she is like my consultant,, and she always get the way to cheer me up,,
and if i got problem,, she wud listen to me,, and she always gave me gud advices,, 
she is the brain one in the family,, she got all straight As in UPSR, PMR, SPM,, but she never brag about it,,, and she never be 'high nose' about it,, i love being around her,, and she love to travel,, when she was studying in india,, every sem break she wud never missed from traveling,, she went to north india,, east india,, and even gone to egypt to meet my brother who currently studying there,, and if she got to be there a lot longer,, she mite had reached ireland,, and get a date with her bestie traveling in european country.. and during her travel she wud always remember us- her family and brought back any souvenirs.. and she always gets anything that i want,, like clothing, jackets, shoes,, anything,, as long as its not too expansive,,eventhough she is the one with JPA scholars,, but it feels like the whole family got it.. and back in malaysia,, she always topup me,, she loves KPOP+KOREAN MOVIE+KOREAN DRAMA+JAPAN DRAMA+BABIES+MUM's IKAN MASAK KICAP+ OCTOPUSSY+ LOTS MORE,, too much to describe,,huhu

my middle sis~~

my middle sis,, is d one that is like a lady,, she likes,, FASHION+HAIRDO'S+JEANS+SHIRTS+BLOUSE+BEAUTY PRODUCTS+MORE
but she has mood swings,, and im very pro at triggering her -ve moods,, hehe,,, my bad that one,, but when she is in her +ve moodswings,, she is the best sis ever,, anything that i requests,, she will give to me,,hehe,, since lil mum always treats us two like twins,, any shirts she has,, i have it,, any pants she had,, i also have it,, skirts, blouse, shoes and even nytegowns are the similar,, only different in colors,, but patterns,, are recognizable,,=p but we dun mind it,, even though we r the cat and dog in the house,, 
she has more of my father during my father's young day i supposed,, but she is the best cook between the three of us gurls,, and the best at cleaning the house,, or shud i say the most hardworking,, and she is the only one in my family that chooses to be in the literature field which is english and not in the science field,, and i must say to u,, she is great in her own field,, no sweat for her,, she also involved in theater, cultural dance and so forth,, owh,, and know the vocalist in the new band TILU?? well,, that is her classmate,, not really important here,, just wanna brag a liltle,, hahaha


Well the picture above are the gang I used to hang out with for two years of my college life,, and my bestie is siti hanim,, she is my rumate and also my housemate,, we share lots of similarities,, and she understand me well,, so did I,, I think,,hehe,, we were very close to each other from the early semester,, we went tru a lot of experiences together,, both of us love SHOPPINK+SHOPPINK+SHOPPINK,,,actually more to window shoppink I say,,=p well,, just hope our frenship will never ends,,  OWE- is the one who always be my comforter,, hehe,,I start to know him well was during the my fourth semester,, and at that tym,, we used to work part tym jobs together,, then I got KME-he also one of the guy that understands me well,, and yerp,, known him since the fers sem,, yeah went tru a lot with him too,,  erm,, usually we love to go movies together,, iceskating,, or go for a trip or any events like sure heboh, warehouse sale, cosplay,, one of our sweetest memory wud be the tym we all went for ice skating rite after final,, we all just went to release tension and have fun,, still remember owe,, soaked himself after falling on the ice gazillion times,, well it was his fers tym after all,, it was a very great experience,, seriesly,, we had fun at the ring and I just can’t wait to redo it again,,!! We just had to,, =p

Well,, I am not really a chitty chatty gurl,, when it comes to new people I met,, coz,, I sort of felt that some people,, dun really love people who talks much,, or prob im just being self conscious,, but,, when people start to open up a conversation,, I can be really friendly though,, especially if im comfortable with them,, =p so for those who thought I love to zipped my mouth,, sory guyz,,, huhu

Hurm,, my frens and I,, we dun really care about what others say bout us,, honestly,, not everybody likes us,, but still,, do we even care??? As long as we think we dun disturb other people’s life,, well,, anytin dat we did is serve to enjoy ourselves,, but we prefer to respect others as well,, so we dun disturb others,,,and so we said,,hehehe

erm,, religious?? well,, in fact,, no,, because for me,, religious, culture and race shud never effect anytin at all,, as long as we r on the same battle,, 

well,, i have KPOP and JPOP die hard fans as my close classmates,, especially SUJU,, as for my group,, we r more to the free easy going teenagers,,, 
laugh,, love,, and enjoy life,,
anim,, used to be more of the goth style,, well,, before,,she had all sets of black and white clothes,, and im on the other hand,, got so many pinky clothes,, too girlish,, 
but now we were switched,, she is wearing much pinky now,, and im more to blacky shirts,,=p  

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