Saturday, May 22, 2010

everything in BLUE is click-able

Hey hey :) I’m trying to finish as much post as I can. Am heading down to Singapore on Tuesday for Asia Conference. (wooot woot)

I use my lappie for about 7 hours a day. I surf the net for about 4 hours.

What do I do when I’m on the net?

The usual stuff; check my mail, go on facebook, blog, check ou
t updates on my favorite sites and read the news.

Here’s some sites that I absolutely LOVE

The blogger is a dad who works as a professional photographer and this blog is dedicated to both of his kids -Kristen and Kayla. It's a BLISS!

We Heart It
A great random photography site

Beauty In Everything
This is another photography site but it only contains pictures from Flickr.

I don’t use a nick name when I go online. I think it’s a little weird to go like

“Hi ,you may call me sexylegs2003”

Neither do I give myself another identity in the cyber world. I don’t see the need to do this as I am very careful with accepting friend request and I make full use of the privacy settings.

I have made a couple of friends online, but that’s only because they are friends of friends. If I don’t see us having any “friends in common”, I don’t accept them. I mean I don’t want to be stalked or my family blackmailed for the rest of my life because of accepting the wrong friend.

So yeah I have made friends but they aren’t close friends cause there’s still a gap because we haven’t met or hung out in real life. I wa
nt to keep my distance from people that I don’t know. Later they kill me and my whole family how?

My parents don’t monitor my access online (thank God) and I don’t think parents should. It speaks a lot about how much trust there is between both parties. I mean if you’re already a teen and you’re parents still can’t trust you with the internet, something has to have gone wron
g somewhere.

Mom and Dad HATES the fact that I spend so much time around the computer. There was once when dad actually gave me an “internet curfew” which means I could go on the internet for like 3 hours a day. THERE WAS A TIMER NEXT TO THE COMPUTER


I think the online world has made me more connected to my friends. Take for example, I have a really close friend who stays 7 houses away from me, and let’s say I need some ingredients for baking, I can just facebook him

*actual conversation copied from Facebook*

“eh.. your house has mayonese anot?!?!!?
i need it for the cell group pot luck
quick quick bring... half a bottle also can...”

2 minutes later

"wait. i need a lemon too. PLSSSSSSSS
and don't lie.
i know you have lemons, i saw them in your fridge yesterday

check the middle compartment in the Tesco plastic bag"

so yeah. that's all for the post
thanks for reading
be blessed.
with love,


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