Sunday, May 23, 2010

Where I want to be in 5 years.

In the 16 years I've been alive. I think I've achieved a lot but probably haven't seen it as a major achievement. Some of the things I would say I've achieved would be getting straight A's in both UPSR and PMR. I share a Malaysian Record with 5 499 other people which I help set last night. You see last night I took part in the largest Dikir Barat performance in Malaysia during the Citrawarna 2010 event. Besides that I'd say some of my achivements are doing charity through my Leo Club and maybe becoming a prefect. But I've thought my achievements are miniscule compared to those of people like 16 year old, Jessica Watson who sailed around the world while still doing her homework and even blogging almost daily. To me a successful person is not measured has my Prinsip Akaun teacher will always say that one of the principles of Accountancy is Money As A Unit of Measurement, well that is accounts not success. A successful is a person who is happy with what he or she has achieved. So a successful person may not necessarily be a good guy but a person with bad intentions may not necessarily be successful at accomplishing it.

My inspiration will definitely have to be people like Jessica Watson, and local environmental activist Jes Ebrahim who prove that youth have the just as much potential as anyone else so long as we are passionate about it. Other inspirations would be politicians like Datuk Zaid Ibrahim who I think is a man of solidarity and principles.

My ambitions have always been to stand out on the world's stage and travel the world. As my teacher always says make a plan and execute it well to succeed. I remember when I was part of this creative workshop called Cloudbreak, we did a module about ambition and success and we had this excercise were we pretended that the centre of the room was Malaysia and we were asked to position ourselves at different intervals of our lives. I remember that when the facillitator said 25 years old most of us were already far away from the centre of the room. So I see myself getting a degree in International Relations/Poltical Science/Economics from either Oxford or LSE. Then I plan to become a member of the diplomatic corp and later in life enjoy what the world has to offer. Or I could become as what

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