Sunday, May 23, 2010


Money is to many sad people the most important thing in the world. Thankfully the person above is not me. To me money is just a bunch of overrated pieces of paper. Money has a way of bringing people together and at the same time crumbling nations. To me, I don't see anything wrong if everyone shared everything and there was no need for money. But then, mankind has this thing called ego. And money seems to be the only thing that can fuel this ego. But you know what they say money can't buy happiness.

My parents are basically my only source of money. I get a weekly allowance to cover my lunch and/or breakfast at school and that's about it I guess. Normally I get enough money to save a sizeable portion of it to buy something i want. Normally this is a PS3 game or camera lens. I feel that my generation have a effective work ethic but one that very different from previous generations . So eventhough our parents may criticize us for being lazy or spending to much time online but that is exactly what makes us so resourceful.

I've seen a lot of changes going on during the economic crisis but I never really felt the direct repurcussions. I don't think my parents really lost much. Definitely it made rethink my outlooks on the future as I saw a lot of changes in the demand for jobs.

Speaking of jobs, remember the ads for the Greatest Job on Earth well that was one pretty cool job offer. The other really cool job well its not really a job but he is getting paid is this guy. But I think the best piece of career advice would this piece of information a retired Australian architect told me.

The Best Job In The World Is Being A Retired Schoolboy
Somehow images of obese middle aged men living with their parents keeps popping up. That would a great job if your fathers name was Warren Buffet.

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