Sunday, May 23, 2010

How-To : Laugh All The Way To The Bank

Actually, I don’t know how to do it either, just wanted to get your attention (aw ...come one, can’t I have it for even just one second?). Today, we’re going to talk about MONEY. *Someone pull the jackpot lever please*

How important is money to you? Tell us what do you think about money.

Money is important. There is no denying that. But how important exactly? Here’s what I think : Money is extremely important. No, it does not make the world go round, but it does make the ride more exhilarating. Money makes up a huge slice of life, but it is not the entire pizza.

And I think to kill for money is just idiotic. That might put it in your pocket faster, but in the end (because I believe in karma and these sort of stuff) it’ll still flow away. But I would love the own a lot of money, who doesn’t, eh? Still, I won’t kill for money. It’s not worth it lah. Just a bunch of green papers.

Where do you get your money? Do you have a part-time job or do you receive an allowance from your parents, or both? Have you done any part time jobs before to earn your allowance?

I get money from my parents (because I’m such a bum), and I also do a side job (because I try to not look like one). I craft cards and other paper goodies and sell them on the Internet. You can check them out here, if you like. And maybe contribute to my income.

I earn around RM 150 per month (I shouldn’t be telling you this, you know) and save RM 100 per month, so that makes it about RM 250. And this blogging thing earns me RM 500, which is pretty cool. So that makes up about two months for me.

If you want to buy something, do you usually save up or will you get it straightaway compare?

I save! Saving is my middle name. It’s something like Joey Cheap-skate Yap. Haha, but no, I’m not a cheap-skate. I spend on necessary stuff. Like if that dress is super cool and I’m sure I’ll shine in it, then I’ll get it even if it is RM 100. But if this lip-gloss costs RM 20 but I’m never going to use it, then I won’t buy it. And I’m always saving up to buy supplies for my business.

How important to your generation is having a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work?

It is very important to me. Everyone has a right to money provided they earn it. But many just want to laze away and expect money to flow in to their pockets like the Niagara Falls. Ethics and hard work is key to success.

What do you think about the current economic climate? Did it affect you, your family and your outlook on the future?

Doesn’t really affect my family because we’re not investing in shares and stocks. Just average, so I guess the impact isn’t much.

What do you think are the three coolest jobs in the world and why? What are the three jobs least coolest job in the world, and why?


1) Photographer – Because you get to capture weird and awkward moments. Hehe.

2) The Prosperity God and Santa Claus – They only work once a year. That is awesome.

3) Entrepreneur – Money constantly flows in. Well, most of the time.


1) Me – My sister bosses me around. And I’m the big sis. :(

2) IT Engineers – They get retrenched dengan serta-merta when recession hits, which is like every 10 years.

3) Superman and all the “–man”s outside – They always get punched by villians and their girlfriends are always held as hostages.

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