Sunday, May 23, 2010

When in doubt, deny all terms and definitions

My friends and I try not to categorize people, because it is shallow and uncouth. Unfortunately, it must also be admitted that stereotyping is the best way of getting the general picture of someone. Sometimes it's conscious, sometimes it isn't. 

For example, a girl walks into a class. No one has ever seen her before. She wears a red hoodie which makes her look like Little Red Riding Hood, grey tights, red flats. The red is bright red, and she basically saunters in, back straight as a rod, with her nose up in the air. She looks like she has mixed blood. My my, you think, what a stuck up fashionista.

You're probably very nearly right.

Or a guy you first see entertaining a bunch of girls, who for some reason, are mooning over him. He sports dried blood on his face, and he looks like someone you wouldn't hang around with.

You could be right too.

That girl from case one up there is now a very good friend of mine. She is definitely a fashionista, makes the best apple pie in the entire world, and has an amazing drawing talent. A person with an amazing sense of humour and a taste for bizarre theories, just like this blogger, she also has an impeccable taste in music. And she is confident, not stuck up. Turns out she also doesn't have mixed blood. 

So you see, these are my most recent lessons. I should be less hypocritical, and seek to understand people from the heart. And so should you.

What about that guy then? Turns out, he fell down real bad while rushing to the toilet. A devoted Christian, he plays the piano, and is trying his hand at composing. He also has a passion for cooking and would LOVE one of those Ramli burger frying pans to cook his patties with. I still don't understand everything he says, but that's okay.

He's also taking me to prom. Lesson learnt.

I refuse to categorize people, because you cannot fit an elephant into a nutshell. An elephant being a metaphor for the multitude of facets people have, and not for size.

"When in doubt, deny all terms and definitions." Calvin and Hobbes.

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