Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Introduction list to nowhere.

Hi I'm Aileen, what's your name?

I'm from HELP, doing A-Levels.

Oh, I take, Physics, Math, Econs, and Literature.

You do Literature too? That's awesome! You're not a pleb then.

I play the piano, but I'm not very good at it at all. Extremely untalented. I wish I could play by ear.

I've been a black belter at Taekwondo for ages, but it's getting boring, and I feel like stopping. Now I'm just going for training for the exercise. 

Have you watched 'How I Met Your Mother?' I just started, and was hooked from, the first 30 seconds. The only resounding line in my head now is , "On your first date, never, ever, say 'smurf penis'". It's hilarious!

I plan to do Architecture.

abc should NOT have cancelled 'Pushing Daisies'! 

There are many things I regret doing in my life. Like collecting the Twilight saga, and Harry Potter.

I suck at Math...

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