Monday, May 24, 2010

DUN be AFK!!
~(Away From Keyboard)~ 

OMG!! my life, without a single day going on9 wud have more than slight incompleteness,,!! really?? nah,, just exaggerating,, but seriesly,, i cud stay up all nyte on9 without even realizing that its nearly 7 am in da morning,, gosh,, am i addicted or what,,?? luckily, this usually happens only during holidays,, except for my last semester,, i was doing this non-stop on9 thing during the study week, which supposed to be my STUDY tym,, well,, its prob because i was so tension and was lured to go on9 when mr lappy in front of me,, hehe but thats only one tym occasion,coz,usually during college days,, i need to look for my assignments too,, and back when i was in hostel,, the internet was so very very sloooowww,, so i can get myself outta addiction for a while,, back in my rental house,, we need to buy a topup internet before got the access to go online,, so its not such a big threat,, since im lazy enough to go down n buy one,, it'll burn my calories,, hehe,, erm, but im not that lazy to carry my mr. lappy to college, since the wifi there are much faster,, so technically, in college i go online for approximately at least 6-10 hours per day,, while during holiday,, hurm,, i think i dun have tym to go off9 except if we r going for dinner or shoppink or anytin like that,,, hehe,, making it plus minus more than 16 hours per day,,=p 16 hours??? whats the net have that keeps my eyes bulging at it??

usually i checked on other people's updates,,in facebook,, urgh,, facebook is the major temptation,,huhu i also search and watch video clips,, find song lyrics,, i love to know lyrics for songs i like,, coz usually if its not the melody i fall for,, then its gotta be the lyric,,!!  
browse and read other people's blog, find some recipes,, and interesting places to visit,, i even open up google map if im planing to go there,, which i done it lots of tym,, hurm,, for academia,, well i do browse for assignments informations,, coz,, now informations like dat is just a click away,, hehe,,
also,, one more thing that keep me going is dat i love playing the pirate game online,, well,, its more like FATE game if u used to play it,, i tell ya,, it really keep me going,, coz i love cute character games,, yet still have actions in it,, hehe

i also buffer movie or stories online,, downloads if i can,, for example, lately during my holiday i watched all over the CHARMED series starting from the fers season up until the last was my childhood feverit action drama series,,

before that i finished watching MERLIN and also ADAMAYA,, and i LOVE anime,,
so its either i read the comic on9 or i buffer the anime series,, if u love romantic action action,, shud watch SHAKUGAN NO SHANA,, or at least read KAICHO WA MAID SAMA... really fall for USUI TAKUMI,, if only he really exists,,kyaaa~~

im not really into online chatting,, i do have YM but my YM frens r mostly frens that i already know,, such are my schoolmates,, collegemates and all,, but,, if im bored or got to know about sumtink,, sumtym i go on chatting in a chat forum.. like the tym i need to know bout my TESL interview that my mum encourage me to go,, or the tym i need to know bout how to practice or be ready or got spots questions on toefl,, or the tym i need to know about the Uni im planning to go on this september,, if GOD will of course,, to make it simple,, i love chatting tru YM more with frens i already knew,, coz that way i dun av to pretend to be sumone else,, (kaver2 tym ckp) and i dun av to use alias or what,, but i also go on chatting in a forum that connects me with people that are on the same boat with me,, usually begin with a strait to d point conversation,, but usually i do use alias, because i dun really want people to wholly recognize me,, i prefer to lay low,,ahaks,,~~ 

mostly that is how i make frens online,, begin with talking bout the issues that concern us,, then it started to develop into more casual conversation,, its gud that in this forum most likely i'll meet people of the same interest as i am,,im not saying that i tend to very kamcheng with the person i met on9 but we share the same interest and talks the same language,, so sumtym it is gud to do sum catching up and get an out of the box opinion once in a while,,=p 

for example,, i met this guy,, he was studying in UPM if im not mistaken,, i dun really have the slightest idea bout his background and so does he,, but we made frens that can discuss prob with,, coz i do believe it doesnt matter if u know about him or not as long as u treat him the way u treat a fren,, then, that's cool enough,, coz u cant expect people to just tell all their dirty lil secrets without even meeting face to face fers rite,, but to me he end up to be a really gud source of exchanging infos and usually where i am asking for an out of the box opinion..=p

hurm,, mum n dad dun really spy on us,, becoz,, for them,, we r big enough to get their trust on this matter,, only sumtym mum wud nag because i procastinate the house chores she asked me to do,,keke,, that tym she wud be like "online 24 jam,, umi panggil pun xdgr,, tgk apa ja dlm kompute tuh!" huuhuu,, at that tym,, thats the best tym to go off9,,hehe

well,, for me,, im not feelink that dis has disconnected me from my frens,, in fact it made me connected with my frens,, becoz,, all my frens are distant frens,, so,, i dun usually go hang out if im at home,, the easiest and cheapest way to gossips with my frens is tru this series of bandwidth tubes,,=p

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