Monday, May 24, 2010

My Life, On the Line.

My Online Life. Facts and Figures. And Some Explanation. Okay Maybe 'some' is an understatement.

Hours spent online: an average of 3 hours a day perhaps, if you count going online with my phone and other people's computers.

My online time is never consistent. Sometimes I can go a whole week without going online (rare) and often times I can just leave the laptop connected to the Internet for several days. It depends really on reality. If I have a lot of other obligations then online would be something I'd do after all that is done, but it's usually balanced.

Top three sites (study mode off): Facebook, formspring, collegehumor.

Top three sites (study mode on): Wikipedia, google, wolfram-alpha.

Top friend met online: Nur Syazana.

She commented on my picture back in those friendster days. A comment turned into a talk, then we exchanged blog links. I was fascinated by her interests and mannerism, so we kept in touch. we actually eventually met during  mock trial competition at my school. I visit her house for Hari Raya since the year that we met until the recent one. We're good friends now, I just met her last week!

Parents monitoring level: strict when I was younger, moderate when growing up, currently passive.

My mum actually took the steering wheel of going online when I was in primary school, showing me what to do,  and how to do those things. I had minimal control that time. Then when my mum was confident enough that I could steer my way on the net, she slowly let go but I was still under supervision. In the end she trusted me enough to let me go on the net without supervision. Parents should play a role in Internet awareness.

Parents tolerance level: "You're doing not bad at school, you must be doing something right online. Carry on."

My parents don't mind me being online as often as I am, they terminated the Internet once because my brothers' grades were slipping but when my grades slipped during that time of Internet starvation, they reconnected it.

Level of connection with the real world: Quite high.

I use my social sites as a way to solidify my real-life relationships and not the other way around. I know most people in my facebook. I enjoy meeting people in real life rather than online, if people insist in getting to know me online, I insist on meeting them and have a decent conversation face-to-face :) only then do I decide whether or not to trust someone. I have urges to read body language. I get insecure if I don't.

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