Monday, May 24, 2010

Surfing on the line.

The internet, nowadays, is a very powerful tool. It is no longer considered as a luxury. It is a pretty much a necessity.

I, personally, would take Internet as a BFF. Life without it is like a life of a zombie. Ugh. I hate it.

Internet is such a big thing, that one of the writers for, Rick Newman, had recently classified it as one of the things we can’t live without. The rest of the list goes something like smart phones, pets, music downloads, and sadly, booze. (You can cekidout! here)

I love my Internet. If I am to be without my Internet, then you better get me going somewhere. I think, the most boring thing that can actually happen to you is being in your home, without Internet, be it your PC busted, or your Internet busted.

In a long term, I think Internet will be so vital that we can actually use it to cure claustrophobia. I know it works on me. Not that I really have claustrophobia.

I mean, I had personally learnt many stuff from the Internet. Stuffs from diseases, to the PPP language, up to the essential things for blogger like simple HTML text editing and also simple background tweaks and stuff. I even earned many useful tools from the Internet. Useful and free, the best! Including photo editing tools, download manager (songs… OMG) and many other great stuff!

In average, I am online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that makes it 356 days a year. But sadly, it is only figures. Not a true truth.  Okay, the truth is, I will be going online as many times as possible. Most of the times when I am not online, I am most probably at school (habis dah!), in the driving school (dah habis jugak), at the mall (SHOPPING!!!), or going for a movie or something. Or most probably I am on the car and there is no Internet in the car.

But most of the time, I would only be staying online for 18 hours a day, at most. I mean sometime a REALLY LONG DAY IN THE INTERNET is really boring and dull. And if I really don’t know what else to do, I’d rather update my blog.

The Internet is so vast, that I think I can easily waste my entire life time trying to go to ALL the web pages through the Internet. IF I wanted to, though. Usually, when I am online, there is sort of a regiment that I follow, a general rule. Check mail for any news - which is clearly important, and then I’ll open Facebook. And what happens next most probably depends on my mood. I guess mood swing really does play a LARGE role in me.

Most of the time, I’d be stuck in YouTube, watching funny, hilarious, awesome, and some stupid and/or educational videos, made by normal people. It is the best. My BFF (real BFF, not the Internet), who is also an Internet junkie, on the other hand can use all the time he has to play a MMORPG game (word supplied by him, I really don’t know what it means.) I guess we all are online for several reasons.

Being online is something very important, yet at the same it is pretty much a dangerous place to linger. I mean, if you had really took your face off the screen and read the newspaper, you would noticed some news about a group of young (and also the not-so-20’s) women being tricked by their “Internet lovers”  into investing money into their “successful business” of nothingness.

Which plain stupid.

I mean, you hardly know that guy, just be some text that we had typed in that occasional chatting session, and yet you are all willing to give a HUGE sum of money just for that guy. Who you DON’T know that really well. What are you? Robin Hood or something? Sheesh, get a life!

Which is why I always kept my identity a secret. Stay anonymous.  To prevent bad things from happening to you. Well, except for Facebook of course, because you can clearly change the setting to keep personal information, well, personal. You even get to choose who can see what, which is great. We all love power, now don’t we?  And you better use that power to a good use!

The Internet, for pass years, had connected people and made them befriended, which is clearly a good thing. I mean if you really do watch TV, Rachel Ray especially did a cover on this Internet relationship thingy, which is really great. She even cooked for their official date INSIDE her stage. She’s so amazing, I love her.

Tapi sedih… I personally never had made any real friends from my list and list and list of Internet friends. The closest I get was e-mailing them, from time to time. We can’t even meet! Thanks to the FAR FAR AWAY state of our country, meeting each other is like suicidal, at least.

I mean, even yang stay in Kuala Lumpur area pun I can’t meet them. It is very wrong to meet them. What if I’m not what they pictured me as? What if they aren’t as chatty as they are online? I mean, kalau setakat nak taip-taip tu, alah!, kalau tahu apa nak taip sudehhh, but meeting up real life and talk? What the HECK!

But clearly having friends online is already more than enough for me. At least when I am online, there are people to talk to. (Sedih nya bunyi…) Even my friends back from high school (ceh ceh ceh high school sekolah menengah sudah) sekarang pun dah susah nak jumpa. Now it’s either we call and/or text, or through Facebook, which is clearly very effective.

 Being 18 and stuff, my parents RARELY do any check-up or anything about me being online. I think they really do trust me and believe that I won’t do anything that is bad or evil or violent or anything really. Like what my Dad used to say ‘Ala, dah besar dah! Pandai-pandai lah tu dia jaga diri.’ (^_^)

Thanks Dad.

But that really don’t mean that I went up and go to the ‘bad’ and ‘dirty’ sites and have some ‘fun’ there. No, it would such a waste of time and also would only end up being bad. You can never know when one of those site is full of phishers, and viruses, and hackers and all. So guys don’t go there, no matter how ‘relieved’ you will feel and ‘best’ the sites are. It is a waste of time! And not to mention berdosa tau!

As a conclusion, going online is one of the things that are a MUST. I think we should put it somewhere in the rules that ‘the accessibility to the virtual world (Internet) must not be prohibited or limited. The failure of doing so will lead the person responsible to jail and do a life sentence while everybody else live in harmony and have fun with the Internet!’.  Don’t you think we will all be happy if life is like that?

But seriously, I mean if the access to the Internet is limited, I cannot wonder how bad life will be. It would be disastrous. Life is doomed and all. Unless, if you are old and don’t really care about technology. (No offence ol’ folks!). Internet rocks, impostors sucks!

 credits to: Iqbal Ismail

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