Monday, May 24, 2010


The answer must be yes lah!!! Without money, how can we live? Everything needs money. Even you want to enter toilet, you need money too! However, money cannot bring happiness in life. Why? It is because happiness cannot be bought by money. Although all money in this world is yours, you cannot buy happiness as happiness is only feeling that located in our heart (heart is not like a computer – you cannot transfer it via infrared, bluetooth or others).:)

I'm SPM leaver who will continue study at UiTM Shah Alam this July. Some of my friend have part-time job to earn money. For me, I'm just staying at home. BUT!!! Don't think negative for what was I do. Staying at home is not easy as you think (like watching television, sleeping for a whole day, gaming, blogging and etc.). At home, I'm laundry worker, sweeper, chef, teacher, car washer, cab driver, and many more. Although I only receiving money only from my parents, I'm not just staying at home without any work to do.

 - multi job at home -

If I want something, of course I'll save up my money to get it. I'm not like child anymore who just asking from parents for what I want. However, if my parents know I work hardly to get something, they'll try the best to get it for me. Latest, I received iPhone 3G S from my parents!!! Thanks Pa & Ma!

Generation today must struggle hard in work. This is important so that our country develops greater in future.
Currently, worlds experience economic climate. This incident has caused some difficulties in my life and my family. Some goods today have their price been rose. This makes our lifestyle change a little bit.

Based on my opinion, the coolest job in the world is businessman. Why? - Money you got is yours. Time of work, you set yourself. Everyday is holiday if you want. 
While, the least coolest job is prostitute. Why? - Although you get money and 'others', you lose something most valuable-dignity.

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