Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Youth Today

First and foremost , I would like to introduce myself before continue sharing my thoughts on this blog..I'm Stacey Anne Fredericks ,19 this year & I'm currently a Mass Communication student majoring in Media Studies. I am portuguese mix chinese , I enjoy blogging and modelling part time. I'm so proud and SUPER HAPPY to be chosen as one of the 50 lucky youths to blog for Real Voices 2! :D THANK YOU A GAZILLION , YOUTHSAYS! 

I find this first topic very interesting & nice to talk about .I'm sure you would ponder and think WHY ?? Well all of us who join the Youthsays are obviously YOUTH am i right ? So therefore, i'm guessing some of you would agree with me and some might not agree that to me i think that for our generation ,the future is something to WORRY ABOUT. Agree ? Before i tell you why i think our future is something to worry about , i would like to share on WHATS THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING YOUTH TODAY. All of us come from different walks of life and how we choose to lead our life, its all up to ourself ,dont you think so ? Some people may choose the right path and some may end up regreting the path they chose.

As for me, i'm glad to say that i personally think i've chose the right path and the best thing about being youth today is i get to enjoy college life and meet more new people .I'm now in my second year of diploma and I enjoy what i'm taking up right now which is Media Studies. As a youth , its really GOOD because we don't have to be stressed up working(although some students from college work part time,but thats different) ,afraid of being fired by your boss if your performance ain't good and stuff like that.As i mentioned earlier, i think our future is something to worry about because i can see many youth nowadays take things for granted especially in their studies which will NOT only WASTE THEIR PARENT'S MONEY but also RUIN their future in time to come.

I think 'rebellious' is the word for YOUTHS. I know NOT ALL but most of us are rebellious in nature and i strongly think its quite normal for youths because we are still not fully matured like an adult yet. From my personal experience , i do admit i have rebelled against my own parents before (most of us do, right ? LOL) Oh well, I remember myself arguing and raising my voice against my mum(which i regretted so much) when i wanted to go out with my friends and my parents didnt allow me to and i die die wanted to make them say yes! :P Alright,alright that was in the past few years k ?

Youth today have a MUCH EASIER LIFE than our parents generation compared to our generation and i feel SO LUCKY for that! My dad always tells me about his childhood time and all.. He used to walk to school  when he was young ,but my dad DROVE ME to School everyday ! My dad had 5cents for pocket money daily(sometimes nothing) while i had RM5 daily to school ! My dad didnt get any birthday presents/sometimes don't even celebrate his birthday while I can choose what cake i want, what present i want ! (I know i'm quite spoit but not VERY SPOILT.) Hehehe... I'm sure most of you experience almost the same thing as i do ,right ?right ? right ? ; )

Next, what is my biggest fear in the world other than death ? Hmmmmm..... that would be LOSING MY MEMORY !!! Just YOU IMAGINE this... One day after waking up from my beauty sleep, i SUDDENLY cant even recall whats my name , where am i , who are all the people around me calling me 'Stacey'... That would be the WORSE THING EVER!!! I could just die... :( That would also be the saddest thing ever !!! Because i won't remember my parents,how much they love and cared for & i wouldnt remember my lovely childhood ! Besides, i also wouldn't remember /recognize who is my beloved bf ! Then he has the chance /excuse to get another girl ! Ok, i'm just kidding!he wouldnt, i know :)

Ice-cream makes me SUPER HAPPY !! :D Do you like ice-cream ? Who doesn't right ? Those of you who do not enjoy eating ice-cream ,let me personally tell you that YOU ARE MISSING OUT THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! I feel so so happy when i see the colours/flavours of ice-cream when i walk past the shop/stall . I would just have the URGE to buy and eat it even though i'm full or out of cash. Let me share with you a picture of me after getting myself Gelatomio ice-cream at Orchard,Singapore.(I was so tired,that explains my expression) It was expensive(as the exhange rate was 2.3 for Singapore) and yet i still bought it for $6 . BUT! I was happy!

The MOST DIFFICULT HURDLE i have overcome so far in my life would be the time last year whereby i had to choose my path which was either to study in college or continue with form 6. I had a tough time thinking everyday and night even when i was sleeping i dreamed about my future! I was so scared to make a decision as i was afraid i might take the wrong step and ruin my future ! My dad wanted me to continue my form 6 and join the police force and honestly i had no interest at all in that .My dad offered to buy me a car if i continued and stayed back at jb with form 6. As a human being,i got tempted by the car issue & then sign up for form 6. By the 2nd day of orientation I GAVE UP FORM 6. I couldnt stand the environment which was all malay subjects which had NOTHING to do with what i want to be in the future. I told my mum first then my dad when i got home. My dad got so mad at me & we didnt talk for quite some time but in the end he told me to think wisely and theres no more turning back for me he said. So i thought and thought ,i did my research online about colleges and courses i can choose from. In the end, i decided and told my dad what i wanted to study and all . He agreed but of course worried for me as well . But look at me now, i'm so happy that i'm doing fine here at KL and with the course that I LOVE ! MASS COMMUNICATION.  : ) THANK YOU DAD! From my experience,it thought me that whatever decision i should make in the future,i should follow my guts and of course think wisely and not be influenced by what people want to decide for me.

FAMILY or FRIENDS ?? Which one comes 1st to you ?? To most youth nowadays, i can see that FRIENDS comes first on their list . Why? Because friends are 'cooler' to hang out with ,friends are always by their side, friends are fun...Yadi yadi yadi yada..... But did you ever think , when trouble comes to you , Do you think that all of your FRIENDS will come and help/save you out of the situation ?? 9 out of 10 would be NO ! So why bother forgetting where you come from ? Who were the one who raised you up since you were small and didnt even know what was ABC ? Many youths nowadays forget that their family care for them and neglect their family. Yes, your parents may nag at you most of the time but at the end of the day ,they would go all out for you no matter what it takes when you fall ! Can your friend do that ? Not ALL all of them will ! As for me, my FAMILY IS NUMBER 1 for me ,ALWAYS WILL, FOREVER WILL BE ! 

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