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Hey, do u hear me.. im talking to u ~

Salam, Hello, Ni hao , vanakkam~

 Just few days back, I took some surveys on I was kinda bored home-alone so I took it just for fun. Fortunately for me, I was chosen by Youthsays to participate in a blogging journal blablabla.  I got the email, IN MY SPAM INBOX! Was I to trust this site, or is it just another $10000000 lottery winning from Europe [which is totatally a CRAP] and for sure to lose ur money instead of getting more… God, what am I saying here…Im going all blablabla again… Well, cut to the chase, I accepted the offer, and here I go...and this, is Minem`s story.

Well moving on my first topic….

Chapter 1

·         What’s the best thing about being youth today? Do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?

What`s the best thing??? Is that even a question….  FYI, nowadays, everything is very syok these days. Have u ever got ur parents to say something like;

“Ish..korang tau tak, papa dulu pegi skolah bawak 20 sen je tiap hari, balik skolah takde nk duduk depan computer, duduk rumah tambah lemak mcm korang ni.. Papa dulu..blablablabla….”

Does it ever bother u, or honestly, annoyed u when parents starts to tell about their past. It happens mostly around raya time or when we balik kampung. They`ll tell us that to make us feel guilty of not being grateful of what our generation had, and just to make us feel bad by our acts.

Adoyai ~sabar je la…

 Oh, back to my point. I think the best thing about being youth today, u have the totally best environment to grow up in. Why do I say so? Well, this is why;
1.       Parents no longer use the rotan to scare us off from doing something bad. [ coz rotan is hard to find nowadays.. ^_~ ], yet sometimes it do get replaced with hangers.. Lariii!! 
2.       Hey, open ur eyes.. ur living in the 21st Century Malaysia here. We`re in peace now, no wars, no rusuhan kaum, just US.. Melayu, India dan Cina yg tinggal sama2 and bonding with each other.
3.       Next, I think our generation got freedom to reach out to ourselves, to discover our inner self, our inner talent MUCH BETTER than we used to 20-30 years back. We got the internet, the new school syllabus, the activities we had all around, organized by the government and the privates… For youths like us to discover our self. Hey, if that is not enough, than u should go out more. Take these CHANCES and grab it for good.

If you ask me what is going to be in the future... Honestly, the first think that came out of my mind is the word “Doom`s Day”. Yeah, I know…im a bit paranoid sometimes.. hehe
Well, I do think the future is going to be bright for my generation, and I don’t think there’s anything to be worried about much.
I couldn’t exactly remember when, but I do remember the time I opened my Facebook homepage, the PM [prime minister] post this on his page;

M'sian economy grew by 10.1% in the 1st three months of 2010. Proud that M'sia achieved its strongest quarterly performance in a decade.”



This means more and better jobs for Malaysians.”





See?? MORE AND BETTER JOBS FOR MALAYSIAN. Whos Malaysian?? It’s us, our generation, the youth. I don’t think  Im saying much about this coz im for sure we`ll have BRIGHT FUTURE ahead. Even the PM said so right ~ right????





·         Do you think “youth” (people like you) are rebellious in nature? Do you think youth today rebel like they used to before? Explain. Do you/have you rebelled against anything or anyone in the past? Explain.



Youth in today's society feel a NEED to be rebellious because of individualism and peer pressure from role models and parents. Youth in the 21st century always want to be like their favorite actor or actress, they want to be well liked and popular with others, and they want to be an individual doing their own thing.  But sometimes, doing individual things do need approval from the parents. And this is when rejection of approval turns them to be rebellious.
I think youth rebel, is the same. No matter what century they lived in. When I was Googling  around yesterday, I found this lyrics from Mortal Sin entitled Rebellious Youth released in 1991. Here it goes;

Rebel with a cause, frustration’s fair game
To bite the hand that feeds
Staggered by the chains of youth around you
Those chains they make you bleed
Burning your bridges, taking chances
Living in a dream
The hands of the clock move slowly
Toward individuality
Don’t try to run my life
Just let me be myself
Making my own mistakes
Of the rebellious youth
Eternally try to rise above it all
The torment that you found
Authority puts up a smoke screen of lies
Don’t let the bastards drag you down
Fist in the air for what you think is right
Insurmountable ignorance, don’t try to fight it
Seal your blood in your youth and remain
Forever young, forever insane
So many been before
You’re not gonna change the world
Forever we seek the truth
Of the rebellious youth
Lies... Anger... Torment... Humiliation
Lies... Anger... Torment... Adolescent alienation
Live your life for yourself
Your life, life, life, life, life, life
Don’t lie down and take it all
The clone is always to conform
Forever we seek the truth
Of the rebellious youth

Lies... Anger... Torment... Adolescent, alienation. Yes, that is it.


Since I was in primary school, I was always left alone at home. Since, im used to staying home alone. Im used to freedom, im used to people not talking me into doing things ordering me around. After SPM, well as usual, im home alone again. But this time, my parents start to put responsibilities on me. I didn’t feel free anymore.
My soul was rebelling inside me. I want to go out, hanging out with my friends, my boyfriend.  But the responsibilities put on me had me to stop my activities, being at home doing chores as if im a bibik. Once, I was too pressurized. I shattered.  I started driving illegally my dad`s car without my license, I went from Sg Buloh to Kajang just to go on a date. And for sure, I’ll be back home late. The late, the better.  And im just an EIGHTEEN y.o girl, but I got the guts!
By that time, I don’t think anyone can help me mend my fragile, shattered heart.  My rebels continue…
And I don’t know when it’s gonna end.

·         Do you think youth today have an easier or harder life than our parents’ generation? Please explain your answer.

HARD, its hard... it’s harder.
It’s always going to be harder as times goes by.

  1.      We had to face macam2 influence dari kawan2 & the media. Zaman diorang tak banyak kan???
  2.      Parents pressure us to have good grades in school because nowadays academic qualification is very high. This may lead to STRESS.
  3.      The world is much challenging space to live in...


·         What is your biggest fear in the world…other than death? What makes you happy?

The biggest fear in the world is to grow up. Aku tak paham laa macam mana orang boleh b`semangat nak jadik orang dewasa, nak masuk U, nak dapat keje.

    The reason it’s my biggest fear is because im afraid of life changes. I dont want to change. I dont want to grow up. I dont want to pay for my own meals; I dont want to pay for my shopping. I want my parents to do that...i dont want to be apart from my friends, I dont want to meet new friends, I love my life now... My mind is so not ready for all these.


Money makes me happy. Yes MONEY. Growing up, my family is not as wealthy as we are now. My dad was in the army, my mom works as government clerk. Money became a big deal when u have 2 children in universities and 2 in schools. To cut the chase, in 2002 my dad retired. He turns into private business then. I dont know how, but my dad had managed to find a gold mine or something. We`re RICH.

Unfortunately for me, the wealth comes, but the times had to be sacrifice. I was always left alone at home. Balik sekolah, kucing je yg tnggu aku depan rumah.Orang lain semua mak tnggu depan rumah nak siap pegi skolah petang. Diorang balik lunch dah siap atas meja, buku semua mak dah tolong susun ikut jadual hari tu. Me, nasik bungkus is my usual lunch since in primary school. My entire young life, what my parents do was simply left some money for us to buy our own food. It continues... until im a teenager.

But in my teenage years, I usually save the money and by the end of the month, I`ll shop and spend on things I want. And to hang out with friends, we went to Mid Valley, to One Utama, to KLCC...just to kill the times and have fun. And life gets easier for me when money is no problem for my dad. When he`s away, he`ll hand me money. When I got straight A`s in PMR and SPM, he hands me money. When he`s guilty of leaving us alone, he`ll hand us money. Money is his love. I know love by money. Loves makes people happy as a family. But for me, MONEY makes me happy as a family and as a person. I am a born materialistic.


·         What has been the most difficult hurdle you have overcome so far in your life? What did this experience teach you?

So far, I havent had many difficult hurdles, much.  Death are rare in my family, no, I didnt mean we`re immortal... I mean, I never lose anyone I love except for my wan [grandma].She died when I was 16.  I was at school that day [im in a boarding school]. It was the 15th Ramadan that year. God, i cried all night until my friends thought I was ill.  When I was in kindergarten, Wan took care of me. She always have teh`o ready for me in my milk bottle.[ yeah, I know, at 5 I still uses my milk bottle to drink teh`o ]She made me a bantal busuk that I still have it with me till now. Wan, aye sayang wan.....

Well, speaking of hurdles. I`ve overcome my biggest inner hurdle. I have self-image problems. Well, I had. It took me 2 years to realize that appearances are not all that matters. Its ur heart. It’s how u deal with people. That is what matter.

Let me tell you how I overcome my self-image-cautious problems. When I was in form 4, I had a crush on this new boy. God, I wish I have the guts to speak to him. But no, I was too cautious of how I look. I hated my pathetic-fat ass. I hate my boobs, it’s too big. I hate my skin, it worst then the moon surface after an asteroid shower. So, I anonymously start to text him. When I text him, I am ME. I made jokes; I made stupid statements that he laughed. As years pass, oursms-relationship remains for 2 years. But I never got the guts to tell him who is me. Im afraid he might rejects me when he knows im not as pretty as my words were. Much do I know, he does know, he just keeps it secret too all these while... and then is when I learnt something.

“Stop obsessing about self image. U are pretty. But in ur own way. And if anyone to accept u, he or she must accept u for who YOU are. Not the way u look.  Anyone who can stops u is only YOU.”


·         Which has more importance today in your life - family or friends? Why? In your experience, did you ever have to make a choice between your friends and family? If ‘yes’ please explain your answer and why did you do so?

In my life, friends are my family. My family is not the typical Malaysian family. We don’t get together much, we don’t watch cerekarama together on weekends night, we don’t talk much. All I know is, we love each other, and that is it. Full stop.  

I spent 5 years in boarding school, far away from KL. In Sabak Bernam. No, it’s not in Sabah. It’s in Selangor, and almost to Perak. Five years there, friends had been my biggest influence. Even in my holidays, I’ll spent my holidays with friends hanging out around KL, cause my parents are too busy working during the school holidays. I might say friends are much more important to me than my family. Yes, I surely cannot live without my family, but I surely cannot be ALIVE without my friends. 
I never had to choose between family and friends. Maybe in some minor things, but hey, I can’t even remember if I ever had to choose between them.  Well, who cares ~


A lil something about Minem.

Hey, I `ve been telling much about myself, and I don’t even realized it. I don’t talk much abaout myself but when im writing, the stories just flow out macam tu je...

Well, this is something about me. I was born on 21st January 1992 in KL, my first word was probably ‘MONEY’ ~ No, just kidding.... My first official school is my kindergarten. Tadika Progresif Bandar Baru Sg Buloh was where I learnt ABC and 123. During my kindergarten years, I love colouring. We even had one big colouring book from Steadler. Ingat tak kaler pensel yg fames dlu.. Either Luna or Stabilo or Faber Castle. Mine was LUNA... All time favret. Kalo tak puas hati kaler tak rata letak air liur, sbb kaler Luna tu soluble so jadik mcm water kaler.. haha And ooh, do you remember buku cerita PETER AND JANE, it’s my favourite!

SKBBSB was my 2nd school. I remembered, I was so lembab in Math. I took me 2 years to understand mcm mane nak bahagi nombor.Buat dalam bentuk lazim pon tak paham2...                I remember Cikgu Siti Salbiah always calling me infront of the class, suruh aku jawab soalan bahagi dekat blackboard. And when I don’t know how, hah, dapat la ‘cubitan maut’ beliau. Lebam oo... haha. But cikgu yang paling aku ingat is my English teacher. Teacher Azian. Petite, wrinkled and loud. And funny too. Oh, I miss those days.....

In 2005, I got into a boarding school, SBPISB. I spent my 5 years of life there. I was thought well with academic and Islamic views. There is when I first joined the archery team. Starting 2006, I had been playing for the school, the district and once, the state. Oh, how I missed those days... I finished my senior year, graduated with flying colours, & I wished aku boleh masuk balik sekolah & jadik student lagi.

Currently, im not working. I just got back from the National Service @ PLKN in Pahang.Gosh, I had a great time there... Sekarang, aku tinggal sorang2 kat rumah , watching The Nanny, with my cat, Cabbage. Every few days I go out with friends, just to kill my spare time. I just got my P license but I never got the chance to drive, coz I don’t have a car, obviously. And just my luck, I got this chance to write blogging journal for hahaha ~ how happy am I!!

After this, I’m flying to Sarawak to pursue my cat-chopping career as a Vet. And if luck on my side, I may got sponsorship from JPA to go to Australia ~ Lets keep our fingers crossed!!! Well, there nothing much about my boring life... so there u goes ~ ; D

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