Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friends or Family? BOTH!

1. Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family!
My family structure are similar to Nuclear Family which consist of my Dad and Mom, 2 sisters and 1 brother living under the same roof. Honestly, time spending with family members are not enough especially for my situation now. I've been spending most of the time facing the books rather than sitting on the comfortable sofa in the living room and have a nice talk like I used to have few weeks ago. SPM really stressed me out alot! I cut down all the time for sports and focused really much on my SPM Examination. I would really love to share with you guys the awesome family members I have. There you go.

2. Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together.

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(Video captured during an outing in COPE Adventure 2 years back)

Friends are the second closest person we can have beside Family. Features of a best friend are someone who knows almost everything about you and loves the way you are, someone who tell you the truth in the nicest possible way even when the truth hurts, someone who will stand firm with you even when others leave and someone who you can trust on. I treat each and every friend of mine like my best friend so there won't be any specific best friend I have. THere is a quote which bring the meaning of "how others treat you depends on how you treat others", "if you want care from others, firstly, show your care to others" and last but not the least, "I love you, you love me, we are happy family" plucked from Barney and Friends. Hah. Life story with friend is like a piece of clean white paper and color pencils. Different individuals have different way of coloring that piece of paper. For me, I spend my time to the fullest when I'm with my friends. Chit-chatting and hang out with them all the time. As mentioned, I'm always the Outing Organizer. I always organize sports as an outing such as Futsal game, Badminton game or a Football game. That is the golden time where all of us interact and co-operate with each other. Besides having sports as an outing, I do organize outing in a shopping complex.

What we could not run away when having an outing in shopping complex was a block buster movie where all of us share pop corns around, laughing our asses off the seat even when that particular scene in the movie is not funny. Having a pool game was a challenge for me and my fellow friend. We fixed a rules for pool game and as always, loser will pay for that particular game. Another compulsory activity was arcade game, Daytona. Racing among ourselves and hit each other till the car flip over was a moment of laughters. But for now, I only organize study groups as SPM Examinations is drawing close. Well, here are some photos I would like to share with you guys. Do enjoy it.

3. When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?

I mainly describe myself as a fun person. Friendly to talk to and sporty. My outlook expressed it all.

4. Is identity important to you and your friends? How important is standing out / being different to you and your friends?

Indeed. Everyone have their very own identity. Basically, I don't really care about the importance of my identity to my friends neither are they. I'm just being who I am and always are. Well, being different from others are just one special bonus of for individuals. I have my way of dressing when attending outings or parties. Usually I am the one who are called unique and fashionable. I don't take time matching cloths. All I do was pick and match according to the color. One of my most outstanding identity is the fashion of my hair. I have my own signature hairstyle. Simple cutting, simple look yet fashionable. Can't deny I'm a vain person, these is the quote my fellow friend created for me, "If there is a reflexion, there is CK". Anyway, I'm always catch up with the latest trend through Internet or by observation in Berjaya Times Square. I may be different in with my own identity but it ain't gonna be a reason that I'm different from others. We are all the same.

5. Does religion affect your choice of friends? Explain your answer
DEFINITELY NO! We are all from different races and religion living in one peaceful Democratic country. What is needed by us, are all provided and imported by the government. I believe Youth in this generation are more peaceful minded. In addition, my school was builded by the Government. Different races could be found in my school. We live and work as a family in my school. Even if there is criticism occurs, we always take it as a joke and by the end of the day, we all laugh out loud.

6. How do you and your friends like to categorize people of your age group . i.e EMO, Skater, JPop, KPop fanatic, Hip Hop, Goth, freak, geek, shutterbug, others? What are the three most popular groups/looks amongst you and your friends?
(EMO, Black and White theme)


Depending on their attitude and behaviors. Besides, I usually judge them by their attire. For example, Black and White are usually for EMOs. EMOs always hide themselves and hardly talk to other people. There is a popular group living among us and every corner of the mall which we all name it, "LaLa" group. That is the group to categorize people who loves to overdress themselves. For example, male putting up a scarf and wearing few layers of cloths with a tight jeans. Another group was called "Vainer". The group name itself says it all. Vainer always look for mirror. They are the ones always trying to tidy themselves in front of their reflexions. The most popular groups are KPop, LaLa and Vain.

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