Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Youth Today.

The best thing about being a youth today is that we can connect more to each other as the technology now are more advanced than before and we are living in a modern era. Personally, I think there are some things that worries me about the future :
  1. Crime is raising - more and more youth are doing crime
  2. Morale of youth is decreasing
  3. Youth are into drugs
  4. Global warming
As a teen, I do care about my surroundings as I'm not the only one who's gonna live on this earth. Next generation will come and I pity them if they have to live the world with no trees (It can happen if we're being greedy and doesn't care about mother nature). Other than that, there are still light for youth if we work together as a team and save each other from falling down into a black hole.

I don't think youth are rebellious in nature. They are just confuse about themselves (I do). Plus, their hormone is changing so, they tend to be "mad" at something but I think they're just confuse and frustrated with the world. Youth today doesn't rebel like folks in the past. Today, youth tend to run away from home when they have problems or simply take the easy way : Attempt suicide. For me, I do rebel at times. When I'm mad at my dad for scolding me for something I didn't do. I tend to walk alone - like a lone ranger :P - on the streets of KL for an hour or so (usually it doesn't last long) and doesn't pick up the phone when my mum or dad calls and that makes my mum worry. Sorry mum. I like to make my anger go away by walking fast where nobody recognize me so that I can walk peacefully and went home as I cleared my head. And no, I don't yell back. :)

Youth now are having harder life than our parents' generation. Well, firstly it's because the crime rate is high and i think at the mind of every parent, their worries are more when it comes to letting us go outside. Anything can happen in a blink of an eye. Secondly, the world is now more demanding (or the parents are). We need to study more as the competition among us are tougher. Moreover, there are bad influence everywhere and if youth are not mentally prepared, they can go the wrong way.

My biggest fear in life? Let see, hmm. Making decisions. Yes, I'm afraid. But I have to go with it 'cause in life you have to make choices and decisions. It worries me. Questions like "What if I make the wrong decisions", "What if I make other people's life miserable when I make this decisions" always pops out.

What makes me happy is that seeing a smile in anyone's face - the sincere-happy-content smile. It's true. I'm not sure why but it just feels as if the world is a better place when people smile :)

The biggest hurdle of my life is when I did something that makes my whole family (even my aunts and uncle) dissapoint in me and they don't trust you anymore (I can't tell you what it is sorry). Those few months were pain and I'm not sure if I ever survived. It's like the whole world is watching me like I'm a criminal. I regret soon after but the relationship with me and my family are broken somehow. In the end, I learned that you have to think deep before you do something stupid. :P

Family or friends? I choose both. I never had to choose before and I really can't choose. Family is family - we stick together in hard times. While friends, they're the one who make me happy and make my life more dramatic. haha : D Both are important. It's fun being around people who cares and loves just the way you are.

Okay, my introduction :))

My name is Nur Afiqah, age 17 y/o and will be sitting for SPM this coming November. I love music but I don't know how to play any instrument. I do love dancing, I dance traditional Malay dance occasionally. Close friends (and close teachers and my superb close family) calls me pe'ah. haha. yes, it's a kg. name but i like, no wait. it :) It was created by my beloved best friend, Sakinah. Okay, I like blogging of course (have created a few blogs and delete then create again some more) :P . Other than that I love people, culture, psychology (most favourite), shop, and photography :)) . Oh yea, I love to read! I can't stand a day without reading - i love literature too. Well, I should stop now , happy reading :D

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