Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i use sms instant messenger and social network like everyday to get in touch with everyone, but one thing im always caught doing would be sms-ing. i text people round the clock. the good thing about it is, it's already made available, easy to use. im using maxis youth club, it has low rates with 1 cent per sms to people within the network. so, to me texting is much cheaper and i get to 'talk' to people in just a blink, not literally. the bad thing about it as zulfadhli jamil put it, you're used to talking to people that way, you'd get a bit of a problem talking to someone face to face(if the person isnt related to you in any way).

facebook too comes in a package, there's a good and bad side of it. currently in a long holiday, i had not much to do. so most of the nights i'll sit in front of the pc, update my status on facebook, talk to people, stalk people's page. im scary i know. well now the good thing is, i can talk to people who arent within reach. it's free, so why not lah kan? the after effects would be i stayed up late + i got up late = i became unproductive.

i have facebook friendster myspace twitter and i cant remember what else. but the active one would be just facebook. pretty much everyone has a myspace/friendster account back then. i used that back when im in high school but now since im using facebook, the other two are left up on the shelf, all dusty and waiting for time to die. my friends on these social networking sites are quite much because they are my friends from primary school until now in uniten. there are a few people in the list which i dont exactly know since they are other people's friends who added me up but im open to meet new people.

in my opinion meeting people face to face is better since well it's just better eventhou to me, it'll be quite awkward in the beginning.

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