Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 8 : List Down My Favourites

Three things that I have seen, read or listened to recently, that I love and have recommended or shared with others.

1. A video posted on Facebook made by a Malaysian student (who is studying abroad) for his mom on Mother's Day.

I don't know whether you can open it or not, but here's the link anyway. He's very funny and creative! =)

2. Lifehouse's new album, Smoke & Mirrors.

3. This Realvoices blogging project and, of course, Youthsays!

My 'Must See' list for 2010 :

1. My family
2. My friends
3. My hometown

My 'Must Do' list for 2010 :

1. Take driving course and get the license
2. Take the ICDL course and get the certificate
3. Food travel and holiday!
4. Do what I want and what I have to do

My 'Must Have' list for 2010 :

1. New laptop
2. New handphone
3. New clothes
4. New shoes
5. New books

My favourite gadgets/toys/collections/things/items that I can't live without (exaggerating, I know) :

My Casio Sheen. Feel like I'm kind of naked if I don't wear this when I'm outside. LOL.

My Sony Ericsson. To call or SMS my family and friends?

My Acer Aspire - my source for everything (if the internet cable is plugged in, of course).

My Transcend. There's 500GB of my life inside. Now, how can I live without it?

My house key. How can I get into my house if I don't have this?

And yes, a book to read, and a pencil to jot down anything, would be nice too. =)

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