Wednesday, May 26, 2010

KimiWarrior is now online.

Salam all!
Going online? Yeah everybody loves it, undeniable!
Why do we go for online?
Surely for ‘Facebook’ing, checking emails, searching for information, and entertainment.Am I right? Surely!

The first three things I'll open when I turned on my laptop :

 Everybody is now on Facebook! 

Yahoo! Messenger


I spend to go for ‘online’ing maybe around 8 - 10 hours per day (only for the semester break). But during my lectures, I’ll go online maybe around 4 – 5 hours only. I spend too much on my laptop, during my cuti, it turns to be more excessive. Haihh... Mostly, I spend my time to go for Facebook and research + updating my blog. That’s it. I’m a game freak, so don’t bother asking me for any games.

I’m using KimiWarrior for my nickname. Why? I have mentioned about this in my previous post. Besides, I feel more comfortable to use this nickname instead of using my real name. Privacy should be kept safely while going online.

I have made lots of new friends via Facebook. It seems to be the best place to get acquainted with new people around us. At my place, I have so many friends from different courses, and I have no chance to know them directly in the class. So, I added them in Facebook and we are being good friends even though we are not in the same class. That’s how it works! Online world has strengthen our relationship indirectly.

Parental control? No my parents don’t monitor me online. They have given me a laptop for studying purpose, they don’t disturb me at all. They don’t bother how long I spend for going online. Some parents do really care what do their children surf when ‘online’ing. But for me, it’s not really effective to monitor them directly. They can monitor their children indirectly by using an anti-virus program, i.e Kaspersky Internet Security 2010. They have to enable the “Parental Control” function to trace,detect, and report all the activities that they did.

 How to Enable the Parental Control
(Source :

In a nutshell, online world has made me to be more connected with my friends, especially during the semester break. We can keep on updating among each other. That’s why I love going for online. FACEBOOK!

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