Tuesday, May 25, 2010



3 things seen read listened recently that you love and have shared with others.

1. i am always into food,looking at pictures of food inspire me to.. eat them. my fave tumblr page would be prettyfood.tumblr.com and gluttonyisabliss.tumblr.com
2. the venopian solitude. a one person band. she write, compose, record, produce her own songs eventhou she say she doesnt. her songs are one of a kind, out of the world kind of music. check her out on facebook, myspace and blogspot.
3. i can only think of two things. sorry.

must see, must do, must have in 2010.
-learn french
-get driving license
-save more money
-be more environmental friendly
-own a yoghurt drink company
-dye my hair navy blue
-gets piercing
-do ice-skating
-eat more, gain weight lose fat, be active
-be a better person
-go food hunting more frequently
-get new books to read
-learn something new, take up new hobbies
-knows how to cook at least 30 dishes before the end of the year
-do a backpacking trip with family and friends once in a while
-get new lenses, wash them frequently not when they're all dried up
-tell the loved ones how much i love them, at least once a day
-eat ice cream, pancakes, more ice cream, more pancakes and waffles
-plan a super 'sweet' 20 birthday for someone.

your favourite outfit/set of clothes
i've always wanted to try the vintage style but then it's the in-thing currently, so pretty much everyone is putting on the old school attitude. i dont think i'd like to add up to that population.

the must have, very wajib thing in every set of outfit i wear, my white tudung and my flip flop. i always put those on, except for certain times. i like clashing colors.usually i'd wear a tshirt and cardigan paired with either cargo pants, jeans or plain black pants. sometimes if im not wearing a cardi, you'd find me wearing layers of shirt, a long sleeve inner and short sleeve on the outside. well that's pretty much sums up my daily outfit.

favourite gadget collections toys thing that you cant live without

my phone: connects me to people.
my laptop/home pc: entertainment source.
my cats: cheers me up.

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