Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Social Networking! Like candy..but more addictive.

I've tried every possible communication medium that anyone ever could. I got Friendster before I moved to Facebook. I had MySpace but then I didn't like it. I have Twitter but I don't really use it anyway. I have MSN,Yahoo and Skype but I rarely use it. I have a phone,but not many people know my number (just a few close friends) because I keep losing my phone.

The best communication medium for me now is probably FACEBOOK.
People have a better chance of contacting me there than through my phone! hahaha

Well,for one thing,it is FREE. And another is although it can be seriously annoying, the notification keeps me updated on comments and events and whatnots. It's kinda addictive in a way :B

I don't know if social networking sites like that make my life better or make it worse.
I don't spend EVERY WAKING moment there. I hate Facebook games,I think it's useless *don't shoot me*
I only go on there to interact with people and look through photos and basically stalk other people (not in a bad way of course hah).

But I could live without it.

As I said in the first paragraph,I currently have:
-Blogger (use it everyday)
-Facebook (use it everyday)
-Twitter (RARELY)
-Tumblr (okay okay la)

I usually talk to other people and blog about normal stuff. I love taking photos so what is a better way to show photos than in my own blog :D

Moving on to Facebook..again! I have around 3,600 ++ Facebook friends.And I don't know 60% of them. I rarely add people,but if I do,it's usually the people I know. Seriously, I don't know why people keep adding and adding me! Do they even know me? As far as I know,I never advertise my facebook in my blog. But it's nice when people say Hi to me (:

I prefer to meet people for the first time face-to-face because when you go online after you met them, you have more topics to talk about and when you got your first real impression of them,it's easier to know how to treat them because they could be the quiet type of person or they could be they outgoing type of person.

I have a total of 100 followers following my Twitter, most of them I probably don't know too...I'm not sure. And I follow 36 people,most of them people I know. I follow celebrities too but only a few like Katy Perry. Oh and also Gossip Girl series.
All in all,I don't really go on Twitter that much.

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