Saturday, May 29, 2010

1 Malaysia

Day 10: 1Malaysia

·         What do you think of 1Malaysia? Please explain your answer (likes, dislikes, emotions etc) in details. What is your vision of Malaysia in the next 5 years?

Personally when I found about the 1 Malaysia, I thought that it was impossible and still am cause its not an easy task. It just doesn't happen overnight. We are all still racists with one another and yeah don't go all 'We're not!' trick cause seriously I don't put up with that bull**** so moving on. I actually love the idea but I'm sure YAB Dato' Seri Najib knows that it wasn't easy. To reunite all the races who comes from different racial and cultural background will take years to happen but it does not mean that it won't happen, it just depends on how time and its people decides on it. So my vision of 1 Malaysia in 5 years? Well maybe it will be much brighter and appreciative not to mention we will be prosper but then again things can change drastically so I don't know. 

·         What do you think about the various races in this country? Do you think about your race or country first? Why? Do you think there is a tension between the various races in this country or not?

Well my racial background itself is a mixture of chinese,indian and malay so does that mean I should think about the country first? Somehow its a mixture of things that I get so confused with. But thats not what we're discussing about. What do I think about the various races in this country? Well first off Malaysia was created with various races itself. So Malaysia IS various races. And yes, I think about my country first since I'm a mix, no race actually click me perfectly. Every country has a racial tension. Its only human for it to happen.

·         How do you think people from all over the world see Malaysia? Do you think there is a typical “Malaysian” stereotype? How would you want people to view “Malaysians” in the future?

            Its difficult to answer that question cause not many knows about Malaysia. Though I could say that they find Malaysian rather friendly and polite. I guess its a good thing for Malaysia's business then. a typical 'Malaysian' stereotype? Err... not that I know of... In the future, I want people to view us as a country who had grown and built out of hard work and dedication that we put ourselves thru for Malaysia.

Thank you for reading :) Though I must say this : 'forgive me if I did any mistake or somehow mis-informed u cause sometimes I just write what I want and don't read them back' hehehe ciao! 

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