Monday, May 31, 2010

#10 and the end of it, 1 Malaysia

I think 1 Malaysia is a great idea, implementing togetherness in us. I support it, yes, but I'm not a whole fanatic about it and I don't intend to have a really strong say in this ..... wait, I really don't have a strong perception about it. haha

In the next 5 years, Malaysia will grow bigger than it is now. But it will grow ever bigger if the government patches up and do touch-ups here and there. Wait, LOADS of touch-ups, especially on the politics issues. *sigh*

The various races we have here in Malaysia is so awesome I can't put it in words. It's even more awesome the fact that we don't really fight about it. Saying we completely don't is a complete lie. Racism still occurs and I personally hate it and I feel really offended by it even when a Chinese dislikes an Indian or a Malay dislikes a Chinese. I mean, to the hell with you! !*#@$@^%&^%#@

I might say I think of my religion first. But putting that aside, I'd stand up for my country first before my race. It's just who we are, our colour, it's just that and through Allah's eyes, we are all the same to Him, no matter what.
As what I said earlier, I wouldn't lie to say that there isn't any tension between these various races. There is. And it's still happening right now.

Yes, there is a typical Malaysian stereotype but it doesn't happen so strongly in every place in the world. But yes, certain people from certain parts of the world dislike Malaysians.

I would love for people to look up to Malaysia and Malaysians one day. For them to respect us and love our culture and our ways. And if them would stop thinking of us Malaysians as mundur and criticize us Malaysians as only Muslims and that we are too, terrorists. *sigh sigh sigh sigh*

But in order for other people to do that, we ourselves must repair the damage and be better.

The last post from me :)
Have a good day, everyone!

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