Monday, May 31, 2010


One for all and all for one?
1 malaysia is a slogan taken right from 1 israel? I don’t know you tell me. I personally don’t believe in this 1 malaysia campaign. They say it’s political-based campaign. I don’t know about that. Salam 1 malaysia? Like what is that really? It’s not even a proper greeting. But well, since there is such campaign that’s trying to unite us all, there’s no harm in supporting it eh?

Prediction prediction. I see it. Yes, I see it.
Haha. Guess what? Now you don’t need to pay a clairvoyant or a bomoh to predict the future since you can do it yourself. Cool huh? Yeay! *clap* so, hmm Malaysia in another 5 years? Well here’s my forecast.

Malaysia’s politic stays the same, sucks big time. The rich get richer and fatter, the poor stays poor and skinny. More babies aborted, abandoned, buried alive. Dead environment, more animal extinction.

That, is what’s going to happen if we don’t make a change now.

See me see you.
I heard foreigners saying malaysia’s a beautiful and peaceful country and the citizens are very friendly and polite and all other nice things except the part when we are on the road. Malaysians tend to be scary when they’re on the road. Well that is something I’d like to agree with. How I’d like them to view us? well, of course all the good things lah.

Being Malaysians.
Imagine being a cat in a big city with everyone around. Look up, what can you see? Arse and more arse right? Well now, being a cat, you dont, you cant stereotype and be racist because all you can see is butt not the color of the people’s skin and all butts look pretty much the same from your view aye. So here i am saying is, let us consider that everyone is the same. By this i mean, take Malaysian as a race instead of nationality. Don’t get me the wrong way. My point is just look at everyone as Malaysians instead of filtering them by ethnicities. Maybe then we can all unite? God what am I saying, I pun tak tau. Anyway, I dont know that is just a suggestion, my 20cent worth of point of view.

Malaysia is a country with various ethnicities, diversity cultures. Well, you guys know that right. There’s Iban, Dayak, Malay, Indian, Chinese, Penan, and a lot more to mention. Im sure you guys know that too. Anyway, eventhou we all live different lifestyles, one thing I found common is that we all live in a place called Malaysia; we all stand on the same ground named as Malaysia. There is no need to fight one another, make peace, look out for each other and we can live harmoniously and prosperously.

Gosh, only God knows how glad I am this is over. zz

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