Monday, May 31, 2010

Truly Saved the Best for Last

On Family..

Family rocks. Friends rock after.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, here's 5000 words.

Here's a breakdown of my family structure..

4 boys + 1 girl = My mom, my dad, and my three younger brothers.
I usually have random cousins staying with me at my house.
The neighbours  usually come in the evening for some PES.
Oh! and I have a cat.

Yes, it gets hectic most of the time. But I love them all. We don't spend too much time together like we used to but we do have those unique and exclusive family time like during family vacations. We don't bond that much but when we do, it's well worth it.

On Friends..

I really don't have best friends just lots of close friends. I do a lot of things with a lot of people really.

We usually generally just chill out, eat, talk, go to the movies if each person can afford it, maybe futsal with the guys, shopping, or taking a breather at the beach. We just like being with each other because... well, what are friends for right?

On Meeting People..

When it comes to new friends, I describe myself according to situation. Call me a hypocrite but I'd like my first impression to be good. I'm not saying I like to lie the first time I meet people or sugarcoat everything I say, I just organize truths according to as the situation requires. In time they would get to know me eventually and have their own idea of what I am.

I try to not stand out from everyone and it always fails. Miserably. My stumble rate is quite high. Either I laugh too loud, be too quite, too mild, too crazy, I get along, I feel estranged, I'm just inconsistent, they say. You just have to meet me to figure it out :)

Of course my religion dictates who I can be friends with. My religion says that everyone is put on Earth to know each other and be in peace. So I like to get to know people and have happy relationships with everyone.

So that's my friends and families. Thanks for the oppurtunity RealVoices 2! :D 

 Oh, lastly! Najjua, sayang awak :)
sorry gambar takdak~ xD

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