Sunday, May 30, 2010


1 Malaysia , is a program launch by Najib lately..
Basically, it almost same like the program that launch by the previous Prime Minister..
Their main motives is to unite all the Malaysia that come up from different races & religion..
but what you all thinks about it??
For me, I think it is a good program in the "outer layer" for other to see and think it was good..
If we going to look deeper in our Malaysia  politics ..
There is always a very vivid problem that everybody knows..
which is the the powers that belong to different races are not equal..
The inequality of the power is the main problem that causes the failure of 1Malaysia.

Why would I say so?? Actually  I have been ask by some foreigner.. 

Foreigner: Wow, Malaysia have a lot of different races live together huh??
Me: haha, yea!!
Foreigner: hmm, the Prime Minister can be malay only??
Me: Yea, it always the malay be the Prime Minister only..
Foreigner: why??? I thought other races are sharing this countries too.. how come chinese or india cannot involve in the politics??
Me: * speechless*

Of course, the people all over the world see Malaysia
as very unique country ..
They always think that it was unbelievable and wondering how Malaysia can have so many races lives together..
Anyway, Malaysia always appear good for other countries = )

for today is, I do like the concept of 1Malaysia but it seems there are many flaws in it..
Hope the gov will work out a better solutions for it..
or else, the tension between the races will not solve forever ~
Once this problem is solved..
For sure, we will be a more better or greater country than others hehe xD
In this, the people from other countries will also view Malaysians as "superb" !!wakaka xD

If we put ourselves before others!! We will see more and more different things!!

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