Sunday, May 30, 2010



one MALAYSIA,, i cant say i dislikes or likes it,, I LOVE the idea of having a united nation,, the country would be a better place to live,, but for me,, if the goverments launched this unity campaign to get the people to unite,, but in my eyes,, the goverments are being pretty hypocrites,, its all politics talking,, well,, in my opinion,, if the gov itself wants whats the best for its country,, well,, fers things fers,, DO NOT ARGUE,, and please,, LESS UR SELFISHNESS,,

i really hate to admit this,, but,, why are the leaders shud be in the wealthy place?? y there are any POOR in this country?? why so many priviledge given to the DATO2 sons, or daughters,, i dun mean all,, just those who dun noe where to use their POWER,, well,, unless the gov itself pull themselves together and stop their dirty playing in upholding power on each others hand,, well,, after that only i can say MALAYSIA has a bright future,, because we have the potential to be GREATER,, only if we have the APPROPRIATE LEADERS.. n im not siding any party,,

well,,again,, its tym for some respect and stop thinking about ur own kind,,
sumtym,, i feel awkward,, y when we were just small,, or even during college tym,, we can all mix well,, no matter what race u r,, but when we tend to grow up,, we became very selective,, for me,, yes the bumiputra have their own priviledge and the other races have long agreed for that,, so y argue now?? of coz its the feelink of hatred and jelousy,, same goes for the malays,, one more thing,, we tend to be ethnocentrism,, think that our races superior than others,, well,, cut that out please,, and start respecting others.. we may be various in races,, but one malaysia means,, u start living in one nation as malaysians,, so what u have to loose??

well people all over the world,, especially in americans and europians countries,, they dun really looking up for us,, because for them,, we r just a small country people,, and we are not well civilised,, i think there is a typical malaysian stereotype for them,, but i dun even get to predict if they ever care,, they r very ethnocentric that most prob they only think of theirs instead of ours...=p

i wud love people to start listening to our voices,, and we as a small country but with great respect received from all over the world,, we have to be,, politically stable,, emotinally ready and FINANCIALLY APPROVED,, =p

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